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    … pole used to write and read magnetic patterns on a disk) } { [ ready-made, custom -made,! ] noun.Tops … … of a regiment) } { register, regulator,@ furnace,#p (a regulator (as a sliding plate ) for regulating the … … @ (an antiquity that has survived from the distant past) } { relief, relievo, rilievo, [ embossment , … … @ (a net or mesh foundation for lace) } { reserpine, [ Raudixin, noun.communication:trade_ name ,;u ] [ Rau-Sed …
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  • Federal Register > Friday, December 8, 2000 > [65 FR 77076] International Mail; Changes in Postal Rates, Fees, and Mail Classifications
    … with the name of the country of destination in large letters and the name of the U … 264.3 Customs Forms Required Plates for embossing literature for the blind.
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    … XID-cursorius_cursor-n XID-curvaceousness-n XID-cushing-n XID-cussedness-n XID- custom -built-n XID … … XID-elver-n XID-elysium-n XID-embalmment-n XID-emberiza_hortulana-n XID- embossment -n XID-embroidery_stitch … … first_aid-n XID-first_battle_of_ypres-n XID-first_earl_of_beaconsfield-n XID-first_half-n XID-first_ name -n XID-first_strike … … XID-plasminogen-n XID-plasterboard-n XID-plastic_wrap-n XID-plataleidae-n XID- plate _armor-n XID …
  • The implication of direct laser engraved intaglio plates on banknote security
    Specific Laser Parameter sets for microtext, portraits, or e.g embossings have been created, so that no … … and finally step and repeated onto a Super Orlof, Mini Orlof or Handpress plate , resulting in the … Figure 6: User Interface on DLE machine for input of plate number and operator name After engraving of the custom alloy plate the remaining oxide created by laser engraving has to be …

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