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  • Mechanical stimulation alters tissue differentiation and molecular expression during bone healing
    Through a small ($25 mm) incision, the periosteum was removed on the anterolateral side of the left femur, and with the aid of a custom aluminum template, four bicortical pin holes were pre-drilled using a 0.8-mm drill bit. This osteotomy gap width was small enough to be a non-critical- size defect and yet large … … cantilever bending tests performed on fixators (n ¼ 4) attached to two wooden dowel pins that simulated …
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  • The Aurora Project Square Mirror Arrays
    This assembly is positioned by dowel pins and fas- tened with long extension studs to a custom -fabricated, vertical, optical table. and a linear actuator having a step size of 4 microinches (0.1 ym).
  • Osteochondral Dowel Transplantation for Repair of Focal Defects in the Knee: An Outcome Study Using an Ovine Model
    … secured to a custo- mized perforated positioning plate by a single external fixator pin through the proximal … The fingers of a custom -made miniaturized profile gauge (Fig 2) were placed on the femoral condyle … The resulting dowel (approxi- mately 15mm in length) was removed using a customized hemicylindrical retrieval tool (Fig … … and a previously prepared 11.5-mm diameter allo- graft was cut to size according to this …
  • Evaluation of a Nontoxic Rigid Polymer as Connecting Bar in External Skeletal Fixators
    On binary images, the total number of pores, the average pore size , and the total pore area … previously described protocols.7,18,19 Nonthreaded medical quality (316L) 3-mm diameter, stainless-steel fixation pins (Ge´nia, Vertou, France) were inserted in hardwood dowels (24-mm diameter, 330-mm length) using a low-speed power drill. A custom -made metal drill jig was used to assure uniform pin placement.
    The overall size of the 3- compartment bioreactor housing was approximately 78 x 54 x 21 mm. The holes were used to accurately position the scaffold in the bioreactor pocket furnished with a pair of Dowel pins . … tubes and pumps (Instech Labs, Inc., Plymouth Meeting, PA) were integrated in to custom dual pump boxes …
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  • Veterinary Dentistry
    A Peeso-reamer of corresponding size or, in some cases, a bur is used to open the … A trial fit of the dowel is made. A small pin may be placed parallel to the post to increase stability. In the custom post-and-core technique, the pulp chamber is pre- pared with a 5–10° wall …
  • Veterinary Dentistry: Self-Assessment Color Review
    A Peeso-reamer of corresponding size or, in some cases, a bur is used to open the … A trial fit of the dowel is made. A small pin may be placed parallel to the post to in- crease stability. In the custom post-and-core technique, the pulp chamber is prepared with a 5–10° wall preparation.