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  • 6.189 A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python, January IAP 2010
    …canards canasta cancans cancels cancers candors candles candela candied candies candled canines cankers canning cannily cannier cannels … cuticle cutlass cutlery cutlets cutoffs cutouts cutters cutting cutworm cyanide cycling cyclist cycloid cyclone cyclops cygnets cymbals … dumbest dummies dumping dumpier dungeon dunking dunning duodena durance durably durable duskily duskier dusting dusters dustier dustbin … traipse traitor trammel tramped trample tramway trances transit transom trapeze trapped trapper trashed trashes traumas travail travels … colanders coleslaws coliseums colitises collagens collapsed collapses collaring collating collation collators colleague collected collector collegian colliding collinear…
  • CR4 - Thread: DIY Vacuum Excavator Using a Squirrel Cage Fan?
    Last summer I dug out about 3 trash cans full of dirt to make a repair easier. .... How about a cyclone -type dust collector like one shown in the link?
  • Recent developments in control of air and water pollution in US, refineries
    …water separator sludge, spent clays, water softener sludges, biological waste treatment solids, spent catalysts, trash , and silt. .... neers, Division of Henry J. Kaiser Company, to sur- vey available information on cyclone separators and to .... The report Cyclone Dust Collectors was pub- lished by the American Petroleum Institute in 1955. .... Frame, J.D.," Can Refinery Pollution Control Have a Payout," Proc. API 40 [III] 295…
  • Waste management
    …ions, in process water need, the nonionic synthetic surfactants for development of its collector effect on Ca2 .... 5 recycling of wastes . .... • dense medium separation, • hydro cyclone -method. .... agglomeration becomes used particularly there the where powdered particles like, e.g., filter dusts of flue gas … the most different products (paper, cardboard, plastics and - films, partly also for metal cans and coarse wood…
  • Introduction into waste management
    …building measures in the landfill body (e.g., separating dams, driving roads, gas collectors ), profiling of the .... In the case of set 1, the landfill replacement building materials only at least requirements must meet under which an utilization of corresponding wastes outside the landfill body would be permissible in technical buildings with defined technical fuse measures. .... high temperature processes, in particular wastes of the processing of slag, unprocessed slag, dusts and sludges of .... 16) The cyclone holds true not for ashes of installations for combustion of wood according to the .... Examples are Blister, films, Kartonagen or similar envelopes about, e.g., bottles, cups or cans .
  • Recycling technique
    Copper acts as noble metal collector with good noble metal making 2. .... development of the circulation economy, and other through improved detection and control of waste currents, • target … 65, 66 solid-sorting 505, 318, 319 solid-liquid separation, 62 furnace, filtering dust , 165 filtration, 346 … gas adsorption, 78 gas discharge lamp, 466 types, 466 gas scrubbing 256 beverage can , 78 freezing protection … hydrogenation, 313, 315 Hydrometallurgische processing, 186 Hydrometallurgische method of noble metal recycling, hydro cyclone , 44 hyperspectral-sensing…
  • Manual Operational circulation economy
    Contained steel is separated over magnets, the textile fibers over a cyclone removed that. .... Pupils, K.; Pay and utilization of packaging wastes in Germany in the year 2008, Federal Environment Agency .... To the insert materials in the Aurubis method, scraps belong slags, itch, dusts , sludges, electro and electronics .... Copper and lead are used thereby as collector material for respective metals. .... the use e.g. in the automotive sector, in mechanical engineering as beverage cans or as packages.
  • Energy from biomass
    …is difficult further, to avoid in particular on roadsides (e.g., plastic bags, beverage cans , plastic bottles). .... In Germany, a on garden and parking wastes was separately sensed 66 kg/(EW for example in .... In mills, the acceptance dusts possess spelled the bran and cleaning wastes. .... Double bale storage through collectors . .... Cyclone separator .