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  • Dubbel
    the experimental stress analysis W customer external to 16 exponent equations F 28 Q 49 extracts 12 extractors N 11 Extremal voltages C … … FDR) Q 46 Fahrenheit-scale D 3 fahrerlose floor conveying … … 114 fiber-reinforced molding parts E 86 fiber reinforcements … M 33 district heating transports L 32 -, connection value L 33 district heating economy L 6 -, thermal …
  • Molex Incorporated - 51021-0800 - Rectangular/PCB Connectors - Connectors - Allied Electronics
    Hood; D - SUB ;9Pos;Straight;AMP;MetallizedPlastic;0.185-0.320InCblDia;EMI/RFIShield Connector and Crimp Tooling > Insertion and Extraction Tools HT 60923A EXTRACTOR TOOL FOR MICROFIT .
  • Jonard - KA-260 - Connector and Crimp Tooling - Insertion and Extraction Tools - Allied Electronics
    Connector and Crimp Tooling > Insertion and Extraction Tools Contact Insertion-Extraction Tool for contact size 20, words on D Subs Pin Extractor , plunger style to push pin out; for contact sizes 16-20; 3in long .
  • Extending OGC data services for CEOP science community
    … the following components: a)THREDDS request ingestor taking THREDDS query; b)THREDDS to CSW request translator converting a THREDD request to a CSW request; c)Configuration XML information extractor getting additional THREDDS-needed … … available from the CSW. d )THREDDS response generator combining … Therefore, any WCS server can act as an OPeNDAP server by deploying this sub -gateway. The second phase currently underway is developing the OGC CSW connector , the CSW sub-gateway, which augments …
  • Fluidic bus system for chemical engineering and for the production of fine chemicals
    For the current and signal line, ± was used the plug connector constructing to the modular system … … the pure signal line, this system offers also standardized sensors and A / D converter for the … … individual elements of that each consists in turn of a number tubular conduit elements and housing parts . … Ã safety valve, Ä pump, À heated residence time module, Æ mixer-Settler extractor , Ç heated mixer …
  • WNGlosses (\
    … foggy_J|3 weak_part_N|1 forte_N|1 pocketknife_N|3 leaf-like_J|1 manuscript_N|25 shopping_mall_N|1 fast_food_N|1 shred_V|5 theater_light_N|1 cab_N|2 engineer_N|25 extractor _N|1 fore-and … … air_pressure_N|11 ironmonger_N|1 grating_N|7 imperfection_N|10 marplan_N|1 nydrazid_N|1 isuprel_N|1 isordil_N|1 voluminous_J|2 antifungal_J|3 sporanox_N|1 ruffle_N|5 jacks_N|1 connector _N|5 jump_out_V|1 pumpkin_N|6 … … warp_V|2 reporter_N|4 mechanical_press_N|1 pressurize_V|2 neighbor_V|18 mysoline_N|1 grand_mal_N|1 essential_tremor_N|2 paraffin_N|2 cooking_stove_N|1 double-breasted_J|1 frock_coat_N|2 sub -assembly_N|1 and_circuit_N|1 dip_solder_V|1 … … periwinkle_plant_derivative_N|2 velban_N|1 cell_division_N|12 oncovin_N|1 lymphatic_system_N|4 grapevine_N|2 bowed_stringed_instrument_N|4 viol_N|5 viola_N|6 unfretted_J|1 viocin_N|1 impotence_N|3 objet_ d 'art_N|1 antique_N|4 addressable_J|1 …
  • An optical AM video/PTZ data transceiver for a video-based surveillance network
    This work was supported by the IT R& D program of MIC/IITA [2006-S071-02, Development of … … 25 x 25 mm in size, and has a SC and a BNC connector for the optical … It is primarily composed of a bi-directional optical sub -assembly (BOSA), an automatic gain control (AGC … … architecture shown in Fig. 2 is mainly comprised of a VGA, a DC- extractor with an integrator …