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  • Damper Control Case Study (.pdf)
    This case history describes how one customer used PrevEx flammability analyzers to effectively automate damper controls and reduce the costs of owning and operating their multi-zone ovens.
  • Wiring for Damper Actuators and Control Valves (.pdf)
    It is good practice to power electronic or digital controllers from a separate power transformer than that used for actuators or other end devices. The power supply design in our actuators and other end devices use half wave rectification. Some controllers use full wave rectification. When these two
  • Back to the Basics: Secure Damper Positions
    The minimum ventilation calculations should be made for the "worst case." A direct measurement of the ventilation rate - using properly situated low-pressure switches - should be connected to the control logic so that the process shuts down immediately if ventilation falls below the minimum
  • Commercial Appliance Damping
    Front load washing machines can add useful feedback for load measurement and active damper control, such as with magneto-rheological dampers. By measuring damper compression, loading can be determined and, during operation, drum concentricity or off center behavior can be calculated by measuring
  • Tractor Cab Suspension and Lift Control
    are typically equipped with dampers or combination dampers and leveling cylinders to control ride attitude and damping rates. MTS Temposonics sensors offer control over both velocity and ride height/attitude with one sensor. Their unique ability to monitor more than one magnet allows two section damper
  • How to Control Dampers for Energy Savings (.pdf)
    By automating damper controls on ovens, as much as a 50% reduction in fuel costs can be realized. As the cost of fuel increases, so do the concerns about energy optimization and safety. This application note shows you how to safely use flammability monitoring to effectively automate damper controls
  • Mounting Methods Guide (.pdf)
    Belimo direct coupled actuators were designed to minimize installation cost by what has come to be known as the "Belimo" concept. This concept of directly coupling to the damper shaft was invented in 1975 and was the first of many innovations to make electronic damper actuation the easiest and most
  • Simple Improvements, Significant Results - published in Power Engineering (.pdf)
    Digital control systems and advanced technologies like selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and low-NOx burners are commonly used in the power industry. Yet poor or inconsistent damper actuation remains a limiting factor in boiler control.
  • 2003 Cadillac Seville STS
    , a revolutionary damper design that uses magnetorheological (MR) fluid in the shocks and struts. For continuously variable, real-time damping, the fluid's consistency can be varied by controlling the current to the electromagnetic coil inside the damper's piston. The result is
  • Proper Selection of Pressure Blowers
    pressure. throughout the system's operating range. A fan outlet damper or system damper is usually used to control air volume. Consequently, a requirement of pressure blowers is that they. provide stable performance from full-closed to full-open.

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