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  • Novel accurate core loss test method for powder core materials in power electronics conversion
    In order to avoid the losses in control IC being included in the input power of DC/AC inverter , the voltage Vcc for control IC is supplied by an independent DC source, not by the auxiliary power source from inverter itself.
  • Analysis of environmental benefits resulting from use of hydrogen technology in handling operations at airports
    … components of this GPU can be identified with the electric generator, the diesel IC engine, the output … … version, instead, it can be considered to be made of the fuel cell stacks (possibility to use more than one single stack to meet the power levels of the conventional … … conversion unit (DC/DC converter, DC/AC inverter and controllers) and fluidic …
  • Dual-mechanical-port electric machines-concept and application of a new electric
    In the first interval, the stator windings are powered from the dc power supply through a dc/ac inverter and the PM rotor, and the associated mechanical loads are accelerated from 0 to 2,500 r/min with vector control. The inner wound rotor is neither excited nor driven into rotation by the IC engine.
  • Driver Deadtime Control and Its Impact on System Stability of Synchronous Buck Voltage Regulator
    … Champion in Xantrex/Heart Interface Corporation where his focus was on the development of Inverter /Charger products for … His experience includes ac/dc, dc/dc, and dc/ac converter designs for various applications and the development of power management ICs for computing, industrial and telecommunication applications.
  • A 200W MPPT Boost Converter for BIPV Applications with Integrated Controller
    Nevertheless, this work requires only a small MPPT IC and less discrete components, and can be applied … Further, when the proposed power converter is connected to a DC/AC inverter , it can also be applied to grid-connected systems like.
  • Image Enhancement for Backlight-Scaled TFT-LCD Displays
    For portable devices, power saving can be achieved by: 1) power-aware IC circuit design of controllers; 2) low- power digital/analog inter- face between the graphics controller and the LCD controller; and 3) efficient control of the light source of liquid crystal … The first approach puts emphasis on increasing the efficiency of dc/ac power inverters , decreasing working voltage and frequency, limiting the power consumption in the idle mode, and shutting off unused digital/analog circuits [22].
  • Author Index
    A predictive switching modulator for current mode control of high power factor boost rectifier; T-PE Jan … Design of a sensorless commutation IC for BLDC motors; T-PE Nov 03 1365-1375 Chen Jian, see Kai Zhang … … 03 1176-1185 Chien-Ming Wang Nonlinear-controlled strategy for soft-switched series-resonant DC/AC inverter without auxiliary switches; T …
  • Apec '97 - Twelfth Annual Applied Power Electronics Conference And Exposition
    Sung-Jun Kim, + , APEC 97 122-127 vol.1 back-to-back PWM DC/AC power converters, DSP-based control. du Toit, J.A., + , APEC 97 699-705 vol.2 Class-L ZCS single-ended DC-to-AC power inverter topol. cold-cathode fluoresc. lamp ZVS power convertor control IC .
  • 1979-1980 Conference Index
    … inverter for ac-dc power processing module for military digital equipment power subsystem; Biess, J. J.; NAECON 79 Vol 2 509-516 series resonant inverter simulation using SUPER-SCEPTRE … … 524 sine generator with dc/ac high- power cell structure; Jalade, J … Darlington transistors; hybrid IC consisting of two monolithic Darlingtons in parallel with fast recovery diode; dc motor …
  • 1996 Index IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics Vol. 11
    Database systems; cf. Object oriented databases Data arocessine L< on-boar; DC/DC power modules, IC design considerations. DC/AC inverter studies.