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  • Designing Battery Charger using GAIA Converter 150W DC/DC Converter
    performance and. to extend their life. So basically there are 2 types of battery chargers. * simple charger. * advanced charger. A simple charger works by connecting a constant. DC power source to the battery. An advanced charger can monitor different. battery parameters such as voltage, temperature,. time
  • Using Modular DC/DC Converter for Battery Powered Railway Applications
    This application note underlines the different. requirements that are in use for battery powered. railway applications and describes how to comply. with GAIA Converter DC/DC modules in the design. of complex boards. When using DC/DC modules two options of. requirements can be retained. The first
  • DC/DC Converter Controller Using a PICmicro Microcontroller
    In many applications, a DC/DC Converter is used to produce a regulated voltage or current, derived from an unregulated power supply, or from a battery. Examples of these applications include battery chargers, electronic air purifiers, emergency exit signs, and distributed power systems. In some
  • Benefits of Conductance Battery Testing
    Conductance is a measurement of the plate surfaces available for chemical reaction. High relative conductance is a reliable indication of a healthy battery.Conductance declines as the battery fails. Conductance: Applying an AC voltage of a known frequency and amplitude across the cell/unit
  • Your Battery's Best Friend
    the batteries, because even those of you who keep that battery bank primed and preened will still require assistance to charge those batteries, as well as turn DC power into 120-Volt AC to operate various appliances. The RV inverter does both. Do you ever notice that the moment you turn
  • Brush DC Motor Basics
    Brushed DC ironless motors are found in a large variety of products and applications such as medical, robotics, factory automation, security and access, civil aviation and aerospace products. The ironless technology surpasses by far the performance of conventional ironcore brushed DC motors
  • Impact of Short Circuits on VRLA Battery Systems
    . A battery's short circuit current is typically estimated by dividing its open circuit voltage by its internal resistance. While the true DC internal resistance can be determined using a series of discharge tests, it is often simpler to directly measure the battery's impedance or conductance using
  • Switch Mode Battery Eliminator Based on a PIC16C72A
    note shows how to combine the A/D and CCP modules with suitable software to produce a Switch Mode Battery Eliminator (SMBE) providing 3.0, 4.5, 5.0, 6.0, 7.5 and 9.0 volt output voltages at up to 1 Amp with an AC or DC input between 12.6V and 30V peak.

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