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  • Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Reference Design
    This reference design provides a hardware and software solution for Sensorless Brushless dc motors. This document includes complete schematics, printed circuit board layout, and firmware. The Sensorless. Brushless dc motor reference design may be used as a starting point for motor control system
  • Brushless dc Motors in Medical Applications
    on the prescription list for a variety of applications. By definition, a brushless-dc motor is a synchronous electric motor powered by a dc-power source. While derived from the brushed-dc motor, an electronic commutation circuit takes the place of the standard commutator and brush assembly. In terms
  • Brushless DC Motor Control Using PIC18FXX31 MCUs
    A PICDEM TM MC demo board was used to develop, test and debug the motor control code. The PICDEM MC has a single-phase diode bridge rectifier, converting AC input to DC and a power capacitor bank that keeps a stable DC bus. A 3-phase IGBT-based inverter bridge is used to control the output voltage
  • DC Motors
    brake. Dc motor speed can be controlled smoothly down to zero, immediately followed by acceleration in the opposite direction -- without power circuit switching. And dc motors respond quickly to changes in control signals due to their high ratio of torque to inertia. Wound-field dc motors
  • The "no-cog " motor
    Brushless dc motors without wire windings rotate smoothly with practically no cogging or torque ripple. This ThinGap motor uses a slotless BLDC design that virtually eliminates velocity and torque ripple from cogging action. The unconventional rotor design also led to its unconventional mechanical
  • Integrated motor and drive includes motion controls
    Many companies offer motors with built-in drive electronics. The MDrive42AC from Intelligent Motion Systems Inc. combines motor-drive and intelligent motioncontrol and feedback electronics into a NEMA-42 high-torque brushless motor. But a new series of motors from Marlborough, Conn., ups the ante
  • Inside the frame
    Controller chips intelligent enough to handle most dc brushless power-management tasks can now sit within the motor frame itself. The result: Compact motor/driver packages with relatively few external connections. Circuit boards holding driver electronics can be designed in the same circular form
  • Electrical Considerations of Fan Cooling
    . The standard fan supplied with the amplifiers is a 12V brushless DC motor fan. Like all switching circuits the brushless motor commutation generates electrical noise. If care is not taken in how the fan is connected to the amplifier circuit some of that electrical noise may appear at the output

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