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  • Scanning for Ideas: A Motor Pump Built for Solar Power
    Edited by Stephen J. Mraz , Chula Vista, Calif. ( ), anticipating a sharp spike in interest in solar-powered systems, have designed the Ecocirc DC pump, a circulation pump that can be connected directly to photovoltaic cells. The design is based on a spherical motor, a concept invented by Laing
  • Ripple and Noise Measurements with DC/DC Switch-Mode Power Supplies
    As switching frequency and switching speeds continue to increase, special care should be taken to ensure. accurate measurement of input and output voltage ripple in switch mode DCIDC power supplies (SMPSs). There is no industry standard to measure ripple and noise in DCI'DC converters. Test set-up
  • A Simple Model for DC/DC Charge Pumps
    Charge pump regulators provide an excellent DCI'DC converter solution for low-power portable applications,. typically below 300mA output curreni Charge pumps provide enhanced etficiency when compared to LDO reg. ulators and do not need a large, expensive magnetic component required wrth inductive
  • Selecting the Right Motor Technology for Miniature Pumps
    Miniature pumps are devices that utilize different technologies (diaphragm, gear, vane, peristaltic) to pump a fluid or create pressure or a vacuum. These pumps are typically less than 5" in height and draw < 100 Watts of power. Blood gas analyzers, gas samplers and oxygen concentrators are a few
  • Connecting LEDs: Serial vs. Parallel
    converter to create voltages higher and lower than the battery, depending on the state of charge. Connecting all LEDs in series requires a boost converter to create a voltage higher than the power source. In practice, series connected LEDs are powered from DC/DC inductive boost converters, whereas
  • Medical Device Link .
    is transformed into magnetism, which is then used to produce the rotating movement of a drive shaft (AC or DC motors) or the oscillating movement of a vibrating armature. Shaft and armature are connected to a diaphragm in the pump head where the desired flow and pressure is produced. Table I shows
  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Part I: Motors, Drives and Compressed Air Systems
    ), the impeller diameter can be trimmed so that the pump does not develop as much head. Impeller trimming can save up to 75% of electricity consumption. Saving Money with Motors in Pharmaceutical Plants, Southern California Edison, 2003. Flex Your Power, an Industrial Product Guide Manufacturing
  • MICRO: Products
    ) cycle, allowing a much smaller compressor to be connected to the cold panel. Compared with the 3000-W power consumption needed to drive a typical GM-cycle pump, the MicroStar consumes <200 W. Because the unit does not use costly helium hoses or large compressors, space savings and reduced

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