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    NVRAM - (41 companies)
    NVRAM chips do not lose information when the main power is turned off. NVRAM is an acronym for non-volatile random access memory (NVRAM). The volatility of a computer memory type is measured by whether the data is refreshed, or requires refreshing...
  • Primers and Adhesion Promoters-Image
    Primers and Adhesion Promoters - (311 companies)
    Primers and adhesion promoters are applied to a substrate to enhance the bond strength between a surface coating (e.g., clear coats, adhesives) and the substrate. Primers and adhesion promoters are applied to a substrate to enhance the bond strength...
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    Sweepers - (231 companies)
    Sweepers are cleaning machines that are typically used to clear floors, streets or other large surfaces of loose debris. Sweepers are cleaning machines that use a series of rotating brushes to clear floors, streets or other large surfaces of loose...
  • Spectrum Analyzers and Signal Analyzers-Image
    Spectrum Analyzers and Signal Analyzers - (248 companies)
    ...shape, sidebands, and frequency. They can provide the user with a clear and precise window into the frequency spectrum. Applications. Spectrum analyzers and signal analyzers are used to analyze the electrical signals that are passing through or being...
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    Access Points - (222 companies)
    Access points are transmitter / receivers (transceivers) that connect to a network through an interface such as a bus or connector. They receive, store, and transmit data between the wireless LAN and the wired structure.
    Network Servers - (678 companies)
    Network servers control and manage network resources such as files, printers, users, groups, etc.
    Memory Chips - (524 companies) not a read-only (ROM) chip, as described below. Most RAM is classified as volatile; special types of non-volatile RAM (NVRAM), such as ferroelectric RAM (FRAM), are non-volatile. RAM types include: Dynamic RAM (DRAM). Static RAM (SRAM). Non-volatile RAM (NVRAM...
    Industrial Curtains - (91 companies)
    ...another. They are hung from above and are clear or solid in color. Laser curtains are designed to absorb and diffuse laser beams. Mesh, or security, partitions (cages) are dividers used to secure an area or entryway. As their name suggests...
    Plastic Tubing - (598 companies)
    In some applications, it may be important to consider the finish or color of the rubber tubing. Clear tubing is completely see-through, which is important for liquid handling applications where the flow must be monitored. Solid tubing is opaque...
    Operating System Software - (283 companies)
    Operating system software includes platforms for operating, managing, and monitoring industrial networks and computers.

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  • Checking NVRAM
    If you can find the " clear NVram on every boot" in another o the submenus, please do check that first. Linksys WRT-150 running DD - WRT V.24 (Access Point .
  • Mastering OpenVPN
    A minimum flash size of 8 MB is required and a sufficiently large NVRAM space is also … The following procedure can be used to configure a DD - WRT router as an OpenVPN server: It is not entirely clear what the exact difference is between Configure as server and Configure as …
  • Tomato Firmware/Menu Reference - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
    ○ Based on the results of testing reported on the forum[1], the maximum actual broadcast power is achieved with a setting around 64 mW in Tomato (or DD - WRT ). … your session (you may need to shut down and restart your browser to clear the current authentication). Saving to NVRAM or JFFS2 is permanent but will cause the internal flash (rewritable) memory to be …