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  • Wood skills
    … 410, 418, 471 soundproofing-insulating glass 278 switching information 227 shuttering shuttering plate 107 hinge 337, überschobene 293, shadow joint sawing machine 179 display 560 foam means 270 disc grinding machine 206 disc cutters 200 apparent beam decks 433 layer wood 88 …
    The shields replaced sand bags around machine gun positions on the decks of aircraft carriers.
  • Building Seals and Sealants for Parking Garage Decks in Hawaii
    After further analysis and testing ofthe roofdeck substrate, it was decided to roughen the surface ofthe deck with a concrete scarifying machine , because sand blasting was not permitted by the Revised Ordinances of Honolulu for environmental contamination and pollution reasons.
  • Analysis Of Ocean Engineering Problems In Offshore Pipelining
    The lay barge must contain ade- quate deck space to accommodate vary- ing amounts of pipe sections, diving gear, welding machines , sand , cement, x-ray gear, air compressors, cranes, and spare parts.
  • Leonardo da Vinci’s Friction Experiments: An Old Story Acknowledged and Repeated
    … sliding directions aligned with the grain, the average of the last ten friction coefficients of the meticulously sanded and cleaned African Padauk wooden block and Maple deck was ls = 0.72 … … while the clean, not sanded ‘‘as- machined ’’ face of the …
  • Materials Engineering and Automatic Control II
    Steel deck de-rust by sandblast construction technology, the de-rust by sandblast surface treatment use the clean sand machine that automatically recycling abrasive in the construction, for the work parts of the automatic sandblasting machine no dust processing, use the open …
  • Software for supercomputers of the future
    Thus, the automatic vectorization technology developed in the late 1970 sand early 1980s did not solve the problem of vectorizing "dusty deck " Fortran programs; instead, it made it possible to write machine -independent vector programs in a subdialect of Fortran 77.
    Afterwards, the welded joints are flattened under a planisher (roll smoother) and machine sanded to produce flush joint surfaces.30 Subsequent stamping operations, with suitably shaped dies and punches in hydraulic presses, form the deck (raised platform) and pierce any holes necessary …
  • Wood skills
    cold flow 503 Kambala (Iroko) 66 Kambiumschicht 41 edge / cutter 204-leimmaschine 108 211-ferrule 156, grinding machine , Kant / wood 95-cut 101 capillarity 25 hauling … … profile 90 casein glue 274 cassette 240 cassette / decks 437-door 466 box …