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  • Add rules and mix for rapid design variations
    The NX Series of design software now lets less-skilled engineers generate model variations with a few inputs. Complex geometry can serve in DesignLogic as a reference on which to base other calculations and values. Rules for designing the pressure control device have been typed into NX3
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    Producing a permanent working water pressure of 6000 bar, a water-jet cutting system is able to cut such modern materials as composites and ceramics, as well as steel, aluminium alloys, and glass, effectively and with exactitude. The heart of the HyperPressure abrasive-jet system
  • The 10 most-common Mistakes Made When Sizing Pneumatic Rodless Actuators
    pressure loss factor from the gage air-pressure reading. #2: Incorrectly determining the working stroke and overall length Part of the actuator stroke cannot be used due to interference of internal components and the room needed to go to the end of stroke. This is normally referred
  • Engineers and telecommuting
    in Minneapolis, says there are special circumstances that allow working from home. "When someone is under the intense pressure of a difficult
  • Spacesuits get slim
    70 to 80% of the energy astronauts exert on space walks or repair missions goes towards working against the suit to bend it. Researchers at MIT have designed a new space suit, in hopes of changing all that. They have been working on it for seven years and the prototype is a radical departure from
  • Motion control on a budget
    , bearing requirements, end stops, and related hardware they need. This saves considerable design time when zeroing in on the most-effective and economical unit for the job. Here's a closer look at each factor. . Calculate a linear slide's output force = available air pressure in psi and = cylinder piston
  • MICRO:Industry News:Lead (April '99)
    technology is being developed by Beta Squared and Los Alamos. The technology was invented and demonstrated by UCLA and the DOE laboratories. The university is working with Beta Squared to develop plasma process applications that operate at atmospheric pressure. This design would eliminate the need
  • Aseptic Processing, the Japanese Way
    total particulate and microbiological contamination. Support areas are to comply with Grade B requirements. The conditions stipulated for design, management and control of aseptic processing environments very much parallel those of the EU GMPs. Pressure differentials of 10-15 Pa
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    how much room the conductors can take in terms of their dimension. Generally, the more dimensional room there is for a conductor, the less problematic the conductor will be, both for creating a working design and for manufacturing. Reducing the available space should be based on design refinement
  • Medical Device Link . Originally Published January/February 2001 Joining Technologies: Investing in High-Grade Bonds
    regulated industry. Describing the challenges of working in the medical sector, Steve Bruner, marketing director at NuSil Technology Europe (Anglet, France), says, "We're pressed into a hard corner. On the one hand, design engineers are working with very sensitive applications, and they want to use proven
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    radial pressure. " Radial strength is defined as "the pressure at which a stent experiences irrecoverable deformation. " FDA does not recommend one specific test method. However, ASTM International 's F04.30.06 committee is working on a guidance document for radial stiffness and strength testing
  • Superpressure Balloons Reach New Heights
    is recoverable. A conventional balloon will stay afloat for one to two days, but the pressurized, pumpkin-shaped balloon on which NASA is working should be able to fly longer. The design goal, says NASA, is to support a 2,200-lb scientific payload and deliver 800 W of continuous power to it for 100
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    adds to the complexity. OEMs can reduce design cycle times and costs by working with a single strategic partner to supply pumps and valves or to codevelop application-specific integrated fluidic platforms (IFPs). IFPs are subsystems that include all the components needed to perform the fluid control
  • Bayer Warms Up to Cold Chain Supply
    priority for pharmaceutical manufacturers, and many are responding with innovative guidelines and solutions. Working closely with in-house quality assurance and validation teams and vendors, Bayer Biological Products was able to develop an all-season containment design, using a worst case scenario
  • The silver lining
    . While 78% of survey participants say they're working the same amount of hours per week as in 2001, about 40 to 49, they're under pressure to do more in that time. In the past, engineers cited challenging work as one of the biggest job perks, but the extra-heavy workload of late is a challenge most
  • CAE Inside of CAD Ups the Ante
    Many readers are probably already familiar with the idea of CAE working side by side or inside CAD. Such arrangements let engineers gain early insight into designs to improve product quality and cut product-development time, effort, and cost. The best case is CAE that fits tightly with 3D CAD