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  • High-Resolution Inkjet vs. Thermal Transfer Labels For Barcoding
    The labels produced on the desktop label printer can be hand applied or rewound into rolls for automatic application using a label applicator.
  • CR4 - Thread: Capacitor Start or Permanent Split Capacitor?
    The printer in question is not like a printer for a desktop computer it's more like a table top label press. .... The motor is the rewind motor and is currently switched on and off by a photoelectric switch.
  • Taking Your iPad 2 to the Max
    Revert button, 24 Rewind button, 150, 171. .... assistance options, 30 sharing files between an iPad and a computer, 37 specifying desktop features to synchronize … iPad and a computer, 37 Sharing menu, 412 Show button, 277 Show To/Cc Label button, 278 shuffle…
  • Navigating the applet-browser divide
    Once the applet is launched, it acts much like a desktop application. .... them to the view in Figure 3 is actually la- beled “Services”; when users selected the browser’s “Back” button, they returned to the previous Web page—Figure 1. .... In some browsers, the “Back” button rewinds the applet, calling the destroy() method, be- fore returning to…
  • iLife ’11 Made Simple
    …298, 300 Photos menu, 85 Revert to Saved option, File menu, 250, 407 Rewind feature, Clip menu … of iPhoto menu, 75 iWeb menu, 249 Services section, iTunes menu, 489 Set Desktop option, Share menu … check box, iMovie Preferences window, 319 Show Details button, 48 Show drop zone labels option, Preferences, 178…
  • Standard Handbook for Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineers > SECONDARY STORAGE
    …between certain defined limits, and as part of the standard, tape marks and labels are recorded on .... Operator controls for on-line/off-line, manually controlled forward/reverse and rewind motion, unit select, and load are … a tape cartridge are now commonly used for back-up storage, especially on desktop computers and small…
    …derives derrick dervish desalts descant descend descent deserts deserve designs desired desires desists desktop despair despise despite … knotted knowing knuckle knurled kookier kopecks koreans kowtows kremlin krishna krypton kummels kumquat labeled labeler labored laborer … revises revisit revived reviver revives revival revoirs revoked revokes revolts revolve revving rewards rewinds rewired rewires rewords…
  • Design and implementation of an online systemic human anatomy course with laboratory
    The navigation bar (D) is used to fast forward, rewind , or pause the recording. .... same 3D virtual mod- els, which allowed them to manipulate (rotate, pan, zoom, label , and remove structures … were made available to students in an on-campus computer labora- tory (36 desktop PC computers) in…
  • Multimedia conversion and storage in the PCS environment
    The folders have text labels and list the messages within in tabular form. .... in the hundreds and having a different user interface to use between the desktop workstation and the … have audio specific options such as fast forward, speed up, slow down, and rewind options using the…
  • iPhone 4 Made Simple
    …app, 422 reviews of apps, 635, 654 Rewind button, Videos screen, 410, 412 rewinding videos, 410 Ring … newspaper articles, 396 Shift key, 84–85 Show option, Mail app, 486 Show To/Cc Label option, Mail app … operating system, 150– 153 web browser bookmarks and notes, 116–117 wireless sync versus iTunes Desktop Sync, 105–106 .

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