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  • Detector Risetime vs. RF Performance (.pdf)
    Video Impedance is partially controlled by the type detector diode used to manufacture the detector. For example, the Planar Doped Detector Video Impedance is typically between 0.8 to 3.0 K ohms. The Zero Biased Schottky Detector is typically between 2.0 to 3.0 K ohms.
  • Mixer and Detector Diodes
    Most people who use diodes are more familiar with junction. devices than with the surface barrier diodes commonly used in. mixer and detector circuits. In a junction diode the rectifying. junction is formed between a p-type region and an n-type region. of a semiconductor. In a surface barrier diode
  • Comparison of Minimum Detection Limits on X-Calibur with SDD Detyector or Si-PIN Diode Detector (.pdf)
    The minimum detection limits of several different elements in water and in oil solutions were determined on X-Calibur with a SDD detector installed or a Si-PIN diode detector installed. The MDL was determined at 3 sigma and 300 seconds acquisition times. The result is reported here.
  • Schottky Diodes
    Schottky diodes have been. used for several decades. as the key elements in frequency. mixer and RF power. detector circuits. In 1938 Walter. Schottky, the son of German. mathematician Friedrich. Schottky, explained the manner. in which a junction comprised. of specific combinations of metals
  • Rapid Microbiological Methods for a New Generation
    is a phenomenon in which the propagation of light is disturbed by its interaction with particles. In a Mie scattering particle detector, airborne particles intersect a light beam emanating from a laser diode. If the air is free of particles, a beam blocker at the center of the first convex lens
  • Characterization Techniques for Miniature Low Power X-Ray Tubes
    An X-ray shielded test chamber has been designed and built that includes a CCD-pinhole. camera and energy-dispersive silicon PIN-diode detector for spectrum collection. The. use of this chamber is an innovative approach that allows rapid imaging of the electron. beam spot on the anode, as well

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