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  • MICRO: Finnish Optoelectronics
    A Finnish firm with expertise in optoelectronic waveguide technology has set its sights on one of the semiconductor industry's hottest market segments. Silecs of Espoo, Finland, has introduced a line of "nonporous " materials with dielectric constants in the range of 3.0 to 2.2. The low-porosity

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  • Electromagnetic Theory for Microwaves and Optoelectronics
    In Chapter 6, discussion on the behavior of EH and HE modes in cir- cular dielectric waveguides is improved and a relevant figure added.
  • Millimeter-Wave Waveguides
    The proof 1.4 Fundamental properties of open waveguides 1.4.1 1.4.2 Boundary conditions for open waveguides Eigenwaves in planar dielectric waveguides 1.5 Inhomogeneities in waveguides 1.5.1 1.5.2 Transmission-line theory applied to …
  • Subject Index, Jun. 1981
    9 (1 E13) microwaves; use of audio modulation substitution s stem to achieve high accuracy; Korewick, John; T-IUTT VI nl Mar 53 14-2 /’ millimeter-wave dielectric waveguides of circular cross section; attenuation characteristics in 72-GHz band: Jablonski.
  • Microwave Electronics: Measurement and Materials Characterization
    Circular dielectric waveguide .
  • Open Electromagnetic Waveguides
    It consists of eight chapters: introduction to open electromagnetic waveguides; electromagnetic theory; planar dielectric waveguides ; bound modes by approximate methods; discontinuities in planar dielectric waveguides; bound modes by transverse resonance diffraction; complete spectra of open waveguides; and examples and applications.
    In this thesis, the first demonstration of the full integration of 1.55µm InGaAs/InP edge emitting platelet laser diodes with SiON/SiO2 dielectric waveguides on a silicon substrate is presented.
  • Nanostructured and Subwavelength Waveguides: Fundamentals and Applications
    We thus conclude that using even the simplest step-index dielectric waveguides that feature high refractive-index contrast between their core and cladding materials it is possible to ensure a single-mode operation, and deeply subwavelength mode size.
  • Ridge Waveguides and Passive Microwave Components
    The operating frequency of this junction corresponds to the odd solution of two coupled open dielectric resonators constructed from sections of a dielectric waveguide propagating the hybrid HE11 mode.
    SPPW modes, the excitation scheme where SPPs are excited at the gold-air interface, and subsequently coupled into the dielectric waveguides by means of a funnel was ap- plied [Fig. 3.3(a) and (c)], and it proved successful with strong …
  • Advanced Materials for Integrated Optical Waveguides
    To achieve this goal, rectangular dielectric waveguides , planar optical waveguides in the form of films and strips, as well as other planar components and circuitry were constructed, and resulted in the forma- tion the integrated optics in 1960s.