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  • Eddy Current Profiles Parts
    Eddy current inspection of industrial machining processes has evolved over the past several decades to the point where it is now a well understood and effectively used technology capable of making a positive and consistent impact on quality assurance - but it can do more. While eddy current is used
  • Low-Voltage, Low-Power CMOS Current Conveyors
    Low-Voltage, Low-Power CMOS Current Conveyors. Providing a brief history of the first and second generation CC, this text goes on to describe LV LP CCII implementations, their evolution towards differential and generalized topologies, and new possible CCII applications in some basic analog
  • Ground-fault interrupters
    as an example of how these switches operate. Phase and neutral power conductors pass through a toroidal (differential) current transformer. Under normal conditions, the vector sum of the currents in the live and neutral conductors will equal zero. In an unhealthy circuit a residual current flows
  • NEC Corporation High-resolution Measurement by a High-T Superconductor Sampler
    Abstract-We measured a signal current waveform by using a. high-Ti superconductor (HTS) sampler with a 1-ps delay be. tween every sampling point. The maximum time differential. obtained in the measured waveform was 12 jiA]ps with 2.5-jiA. current seusitiiitv at 25 K. This result guarantees
  • AN-0300 - High Voltage Op-Amp Application Using Opto-Couplers
    Op-Amp, but in this case, differential output currents are optically. coupled to a pair of optocoupler cells in series across high voltage rails.
  • Introduction
    guide and demonstration videos are also available on the website. Application-based examples in the text and on the website include the calculation of currents in biological tissue under electrical stimulation, superconducting magnetic shielding, magnetic levitation, electromagnetic nondestructive
  • Optical Phase Interrogation - A Cost-Effective Solution for Sensing Strain with Polymer Optical Fibers
    Strain sensing solutions based on polymer optical fibers (POF) provide designers with low-cost sensing solutions that are lightweight, immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) and do not require electrical current at the sensing point. To perform strain
  • Examining a New In-Amp Architecture for Communication Satellites
    that overcomes some of the common drawbacks of the traditional in-amp. We'll discuss the generic three op amp in-amp and symmetrical GM current-feedback in-amp, including their drawbacks. We'll then examine the architecture design philosophy and benefits of two radiation tolerant, differential
  • Fabrication of Nano-Structures using EB-Lithography and its Application to Long-Wavelength Quantum-Wire Lasers
    . As the result, better lasing properties, such as low threshold current and high differential quantum efficiency of quantum wire lasers over quantum film lasers were confirmed at low temperature. The low threshold current density of 43A/cm" of the quantum-wire laser at 98K was obtained.
  • DC/DC Conversion
    Closed loop control with linear regulators. Often the voltage source is "incompatible" with the load. A buffer needs to be placed between the source and load to regulate or control the voltage and/or current. Linear regulators provide closed loop control to "regulate" the voltage at the load

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