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  • Digital Interface Handbook, Third Edition
    Digital Interface Handbook, Third Edition. For those who need to get to grips with digital audio and video systems, this book sheds light on the differences between audio interfaces and shows how to make devices 'talk to each other' in the digital domain despite their subtle differences.
  • Application Note: The S2Cwire Serial Digital Interface in Real-Time Systems
    The S2Cwire (Simple Serial Control™) and AS2Cwire™ (Advanced Simple Serial Control™) single wire serial interfaces are used to set parameters in AnalogicTech products. Applications include setting current levels in LED driver ICs, programming battery characteristics in battery chargers
  • TC7135 Microprocessor Interface (TC7135)
    Many data acquisition systems require both a visual display and a computer interface. The TC7135 from Microchip Technology is a 4-1/2 digit Analog-to-Digital converter (ADC) which can easily provide both of these functions. The TC7135s multiplexed BCD outputs interface easily to low cost LED or LCD
  • Low Noise, Increased Reliability, Digital Control: A New Generation of Radial Piston Pumps
    (A) in sound power, that corresponds to a reduction of wide more than 50%. A new stroke ring design eliminates a possible place of wear. The DCP. (Digital Interface Pump) is a new servo radial piston pump adjustment based on a new pilot valve with digital onboard electronics offering an enhanced
  • Simplify A/D Converter Interface with Software
    Integrating analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) featuring binary-coded decimal (BCD) outputs for display interface offer a number of excellent features, as well as high resolution, at a very low cost. These advantages include auto-zeroing, sign-magnitude coding, noise averaging, and high impedance
  • Interface: Slip Ring @ Ethernet Communication (.pdf)
    Today, the increasing demand on industrial robots, bottling machines, packaging and blow molding machines requires advanced technical solutions. Especially in the transmission of digital data at high bit rates through a rotating interface.
  • Using the C30 Compiler to Interface Serial EEPROMs with dsPIC33F
    AN1100 Using the C30 Compiler to Interface Serial EEPROMs with dsPIC33F Figure 1 describes the hardware schematic for the Author: Martin Bowman interface between Microchip's 24XXX series devices Microchip Technology Inc. and the dsPIC33F DSC. The schematic shows the connections necessary between
  • Interfacing ASC Digital Sensors
    0.1%. In addition to synchronous communications, the digital output pressure sensors incorporates a bi-directional, TTL level, asynchronous serial interface mode (hardware selectable 9,600 or 19,200). This mode includes a command set that allows the host to select resolution mode and make minor
  • Using C30 Compiler and the SPI module to Interface EEPROMs with dsPIC33F and PIC24F
    The 25XXX series serial EEPROMs from Microchip Technology are SPI compatible and have maximum clock frequencies ranging from 3 MHz to 20 MHz. The SPI module available on dsPIC33F Digital Signal Controller and PIC24F microcontroller provide a very easy-to-use interface for communicating
  • Using the C30 Compiler to Interface SPI Serial EEPROMs with dsPIC33
    AN1096 Using the C30 Compiler to Interface SPI Serial EEPROMs with dsPIC33F and PIC24F This application note provides assistance and source Author: Martin Kvasnicka code to ease the design process of interfacing a Microchip Technology Inc. Microchip dsPIC33F Digital Signal Controller to a Microchip
  • Digital Communications: Satellite/Earth Station Engineering
    Digital Communications: Satellite/Earth Station Engineering. Addressing the specific needs of satellite systems, this useful reference covers link calculations, the terrestrial interface, baseband systems and signal processing, modulation techniques, coding, synchronization, TDMA and onboard
  • 2.5 Mb/s Isolated RS485 Communication Interface With up to 500 mW Supplementary Power
    This application note provides a reference design for a flexible, high power RS485 interface using NEC's PS9821 digital optocouplers and an LMS1487 transceiver from National Semiconductor.
  • Rapid 2009 Showcases the Latest in Direct Digital Manufacturing
    Rapid 2009 Showcases the Latest in Direct Digital Manufacturing Univ. of Pittsburg School of engineering, event held in Schaumburg, Ill., is any indication, rapid prototyping has grown up. The term has come to refer to several relatively new manufacturing techniques that build 3D plastic or metal
  • Digital Networks Link Servos To The Factory Floor
    for high-production throughput. The ServoWire drive network is more efficient than others. It is all digital and replaces the +-10-Vdc analog interface built into most drives. ServoWire supports servosystems, pacer encoders, high-speed sensors, I/O modules, and programmable limit switches. D/a conversions

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  • Handbook of Visual Display Technology
    … Converter; DP, Displayport; DVD, Digital Versatile Disk or Digital Video Disk; DVI, Digital Visual Interface; EMI, Electromagnetic Interference; HDMI, High Definition Multime- dia Interface; HDTV, High Definition Television; LVDS, Low Voltage Differential Signaling; MDDI, Mobile Display Digital Interface ; MIPI, Mobile Industry Processor …
  • Introduction to Mixed-Signal, Embedded Design
    In addition to considering the general challenges of designing mixed-signal, embedded systems, various analog and digital interfaces and interfacing modules, for example, interfaces to temperature sensors, tachometers, and LCDs, filters, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), quan- tizers, interrupt subsystems, and digital …