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  • Using a PIC (R) Microcontroller for DMX512 Communication
    DMX512 packets. This is divided into two subsections: web site. (a) how to generate and transmit the DMX512 packets ANATOMY OF THE DMX512 and PROTOCOL (b) a demo program that shows how to send commands to a DMX512 light dimming receiver. DMX512 (an acronym for Digital MultipleX), is 2. DMX512 Receiver
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    Inc., a mixed-signal simulation provider, for $24 million. Analogy, which has struggled with declining revenues, announced several weeks ago that it was in discussions with a possible purchaser. Pentagon backs alternative digital-TV spec The Pentagon has come out against the U.S. digital TV

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  • Digital technology
    Here, only the digital multiplexer further is treated.
  • Digital technology
    Here, only the digital multiplexer further is treated.
  • Elements of the applied electronics
    3) See to the digital multiplexer also section 15.15, to the analog multiplexer section 9.10.
  • Molecules, make decisions
    A digital multiplexer is a combinatorial circuit (i.e., a circuit output value of which exclusively of instantaneous input values is determined; also as switching network, denotes) that the binary information selects from one of the input channels and to an individual …
  • Instrumentation of the bioimpedance measurement
    For the switching in different transmission-modes (test data ADC, FFT, pressure, temperature, Analoges Frontend), a digital multiplexer is provided which is controlled by the Mikrocontroller.
  • Annual register: Angew. Chem. 2007
    … 372] Anderson, O. P. (Z) 4189 - 4192 [4111 - 4114] Andexer, J. (Z) 8833 - 8835 [8679 - 8681] Ando, Y. (Z) 6038 - 6041 [5934 - 5937] Andre ', V. (Z) 5852 - 5855 [5750 - 5753] Andre'asson, J., Molecular 2:1, Digitally multiplexer (Z) 976 - 979 [958 …
  • Graphic table of contents: Angew. Chem. 6/2007
    Molecular 2:1 Digitally multiplexer .