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  • Satellite Communications Systems: Systems Techniques and Technology 5th Edition Complete Document
    … applications, expressed in Fit (Failure rate at 75% off-loading ratio—where applicable) Resistors Solid carbon Metallic film … … Mylar Paper Solid tantalum Variable High voltage Silicon diodes Switching Standard Power Zener Detector/mixer Filter sections … … HF Power Integrated circuits: Digital (bipolar) Analogue FET IC …
  • Bolometers/microcontroller method of total high frequency space distributed power measurement
    Proposed automation digital variant of bolometric method of space distributed high frequency power measurement the follow preference is given: 1 … … automation, the results is given in the digital form and an instrumentally … … method with one bolometric resistor in the case of …
  • Kinetics of Rb formation from RbCl in the positive column of the hydrogen-pulsed discharge
    … grating, W—tuning glass wedge, M—mirror, BS—glass beam splitter, FP—Fabry–Perot interferometer, VA– variable attenuator, PD—photodiode, D1,...,D7—diode (rectifier), R4— high impedance resistor , HVPLS—high voltage modulator (pulser), HVDC—high voltage dc power supply, R2—current limiting resistor … … load resistor, Amp—amplifier, OSC— digital oscilloscope, ADC—analog to digital …
  • Highly Sensitive Laser Diode Detection of CsCl
    … glass beam splitter, FP: Fabry-Perot interferometer, VA: variable attenuator, PD: photodiode, D1, . . . ,D7-diode ~rectifier!, R4: high impedance resistor , HVPLS: high voltage modulator … … HVDC: high voltage dc power supply, R2: current limiting … … resistor, Amp: amplifier, OSC: digital oscilloscope, ADC: analog to …
  • Pulsed Conductometry in a Variable Electric Field: Outlook for the Development of Measurements
    … automated pulsed conductometry complex in a pulsed electric field of variable strength: 1) USB interface; 2) microcontroller; 3) digital -to-analog converter; 4) matching block; 5) high -voltage power amplifier; 6) amplifier-attenuator … … electrodes; Rc – calibrated resistor ; PC – personal computer.
  • EEs' Tools & Toys
    … mouse click The library includes fixed and variable amplifiers, op-amps, several types of power splitters and combiners, couplers … … It also makes available resis- tor -capacitor differentiators, resistor- inductors, low-pass and high -pass R-C and … … mixed-mode (analog and digital .
  • Modular Low-Power, High-Speed CMOS Analog-to-Digital Converter for Embedded Systems
    … structures of the coarse converter Flash A/D converter Resistor string with "worst case" mismatch Schematic of a high -speed comparator Schematic of … … stage Schematic of low- power comparator Clock timing diagram … … General principle of the digital synchronization Variable width definition of the …