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  • ISE- Dilution (.pdf)
    General information regarding dilutions. Required Information: * What concentration is the stock solution?. * What is the volume of the required standards?. * What is the volume of the volumetric flask being used for the dilution?. * What are the volumes of the Class A pipettes?
  • Guide to Measuring Fuel Dilution in Lubricating Oil
    Fuel dilution in oil can cause serious engine damage. High levels of fuel (>2%) in a lubricant can result in decreased viscosity, oil degradation, loss of dispersancy, and loss of oxidation stability. Fuel dilution is one of the most important lubricant failure modes in internal combustion engines.
  • Portable Analysis of Fuel Dilution in Lubrication Oil
    Fuel contamination in a lubricant is one of the most important lubricant failure modes in internal combustion engines. The presence of fuel reduces the oil viscosity which decreases the load carrying ability of the lubricant. Unchecked fuel dilution issues in a lubricant can lead to severe wear
  • Accurate Fuel Dilution in the Field Using the Q6000 FDM: A Comparison to Gas Chromatography
    The most widely accepted direct method for analyzing fuel dilution in lubricants is Gas. Chromatography (GC) according to ASTM methods D3524, D3525, and more recently, D7593.1-3 Other conventional measurement techniques for fuel dilution are indirect measurements which include viscosity, flash
  • Cell Cloning Via Limiting Dilution
    There are few people who haven't experienced the feeling of loneliness if for example they have to spend time alone in a strange hotel room in an unknown city. This is exactly how Susi Pensa and Adi Herence feel during cloning. "Just imagine", says Susi to Adi, "in cloning, a single cell is placed
  • Dilution Flow Panels for Combustible Gas Monitoring
    As the name implies, catalytic combustible sensors detect combustible gas presence using a catalytic bead or coil, producing. an electronic signal that is proportional to the gas concentration. This sensor type requires that combustion take place for the. signal to be generated, necessitating the
  • The Preparation of Calibration Standards for Volatile Organic Compounds - A Question of Traceability (.pdf)
    Methods are compared for preparing calibration standards for volatile organic compound analysis. Traceability is compared for static and dynamic methods such as direct mechanical dilution, diffusion and permeation tube extraction, exponential dilution, and electrochemical extraction
  • EPA Final Rule: 40 CFR Part 51, Appendix M - Test Method 205
    The purpose of this rule is to add a test method which would be used to verify the performance and accuracy of gas dilution systems during a field test. The test method is entitled, "Verification of Gas Dilution Systems for Field Instrument Calibrations," and will be added to 40 CFR part 51
  • Medical Device Link .
    for real-time PCR photodetection at the completion of each cycle. Along with increased speed, real-time quantitation PCR reduces the threat of contamination, as the entire test takes place in a sealed tube. In addition, the Taqman system can amplify over a seven-to eight-log dynamic range without dilution
  • Zeta Potential Measurement (Aqueous and Non-Aqueous, Iso-Electric Point Determinations)
    . Therefore, for samples that require dilution prior to measurement, it is important to specify the dilution medium. The effect on the zeta potential of changes in pH, ionic strength and concentration of an additive can be automated to provide information such as the iso-electric point of a sample.
  • Short Path Length, UV Transparent Cuvettes (.pdf)
    Bio Micro Solutions Newsletter - August 27, 2007 Short Path Length, UV Transparent Cuvettes perfect for Spectroscopy of Optically Opaque Tannins and Phenols Easy- fill SpecVette TM permits dilution-free measurement of red wine samples in a disposable cell. The quality and health benefits
  • Inline Process Color Measurement
    Process color measurements of liquids are critical in maintaining precise process control and meeting product quality specifications. Color changes indicate other process variables such as overheating, dilution ratios and finished product appearances. Photometrically monitoring color measurements
  • Mining Review Africa - Issue 4 2003
    Dilution control by means of laser-induced fluorescence Improving run of mine ore quality by innovative rock identification methods. Laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) on-line analysers work in a non-contact way and offer a new dimension to real time measurement of bulk flows in the mining industry
  • Texas Instruments: Novel Separation Technique for the Analysis of Trace Levels of Atmospheric Contaminants in Inert Semiconductor Process Gases
    are separated in a single run via a unique valve switching scheme. A computer-controlled gas blending unit provides multiple levels of dilution of standard gases allowing for the generation of comprehensive calibration curves with a high degree of precision and accuracy. Reproducible detection limits

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