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  • Optics damage inspection for the NIF
    After the spatialfilter/pinhole but beforethe splitter , a lensinsertedso that the 0.355 ltm signalwill be collimated after … viewing the targetchambervacuumwindow but becauseof the finite depthof focus cannotdistinguish betweenthe window andthe doubler , tripler or the … theseopticsis viewed, onebeamat a time, with the final opticsdamageinspectionsystemwhich is mountedin a diagnosticinstrumentmanipulator( DIM ) inside thetarget chamber.
  • Preserving The History of Television at UCLA The Collection of Television Technology and Design
    …is impressive, attributable to its superb chromaticity reproduction because of the rich (but dim ) red and green .... The image is viewed through a beam splitter mirror which is inclined at a 45-degree angle. .... tubes as high voltage rectifiers in a doubler circuit to provide 8 kV.
  • Optics damage inspection for the NIF
    …0.355 tim, a lens is inserted between the spatial filter and the splitter so that the … the large depth of focus, it cannot distinguish between the window and the doubler , tripler or the .... Instrument Manipulator ( DIM ) inside the target chamber.
  • 2013 Combined Subject Index IEEE Industry Applications Society Publications
    Comparison of self-oscillating electronic ballasts dimming methods with power factor correction for fluorescent lamps. .... APEC Mar. 2013 2761-2768 Novel low harmonic rectifier using 12-pulse inductive current splitter / merger. .... Teixeira, C. A., +, TIA Sep.-Oct. 2013 2158-2166 Single-phase voltage- doubler with mismatched capacitors for…
  • Subject Index
    …for amateur use, 176 automatic gain adjusting, 2371 with direct coupling, 20 phasc- splitter , RC, calculations, 386 … valves, 4088 voltage, recording of, 792 Fluorescenc (See also Lumninescence; Phosphorescence) of solutions, 2692 fatigue, 432 of MgWO,, U06 of ZnS irradiated by a rays, 1106 Fluorescet ligting, dimming of, 317 de Forst … by LC oscillator, 817 doubler , using Radiotron Type 807…
  • xDSL loop qualification and testing
    …impulse noif e from local exchange equipment and premises equipment !uch as light dimmers and refrigerator compressors. .... HDSL ‘‘ doublers ” can extend this reach to 24,000 ft (7.32 km). .... analog plain old telephone service (POTS) “lifeline” support without a spe- cial premises splitter to isolate the…
  • 2013 Combined Author Index IEEE Industry Applications Society Publications
    …Jun. 2013 1244-1248 Rao, Yuan, and Arnold, David P., An AC/DC voltage doubler with configurable power … Kurt, and Pietkiewicz, Andrzej, Novel low harmonic rectifier using 12-pulse inductive current splitter /merger; APEC Mar … 2261 Seo, Gab-Su, Cho, Bo-Hyung, and Lee, Kyu-Chan, DC level dimmable LED driver using…
  • Manufacturing Engineering and Process II
    …which is send out by the same laser pulse laser through a beam splitter divides into two .... Dimming . .... Voltage Doubler Rectifier .
  • Laser program annual report, 1980
    The Nova power supply is a large voltage doubler . capable of charging a 12-MJ capacitor hank .... Splitter . .... A iuw- intensily peak corresponds to the dim background, while a peak at a higher intensity is…
  • Power electronics
    …1282, 1327 of Current source batch pump Power Factor Correction 2132f., 2156 Current- Doubler 2011 Current- mode … of the operating frequency 2120, phase, 2121 (s. a. driving circuit, fluorescent lamps) dimmers , 2, 128, 201 .... (s. a. voltage division; Symmetrierung) Voltage synthesis -, 2043 oberschwingungsoptimierte voltage dividers -, inductive (to the network) 1744 voltage…