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  • Brake Disc Topography Measurement
    On behalf of well-known automotive vehicle manufacturers, the Institute of Dynamics and Vibration Research (Institut für Dynamik und Schwingungen, TU Braunschweig) carries out brake disc testing. Brake discs can be made from a variety of materials, such as grey cast iron or ceramics. Ceramics offer
  • Coating of Brake Disc
    Safety is of course a top priority for carmakers. Which is why they coat brake discs to prevent corrosion. Coating with Geomet-one of the world's leading coating products-ensures top-level protection, especially in salty atmospheres. But as we'll see, post-coating induction drying and curing
  • Measure Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) on Brake Discs
    Measuring the deformation of brake discs under load while braking is an ideal task for the optoNCDT 1700BL. Due to the short wavelength of the blue-violet laser used, the light emitted from the red-hot brake does not dazzle the sensor, as the 600-nm wavelength is a long way off the 405-nm
  • Distinction of Brake Discs
    When assembling brake discs in cars, the correct brake disc has to be chosen before each stage of production. Since there are many different types of discs, these have to be sorted accordingly before mounting them on the respective vehicle. The discs are identical in terms of their shape, height
  • Dellner Brake Coupling, Ovako Steel
    Changing brake discs on production cranes in the steel mill used to take approximately 8 hours with a subsequent loss of production. Previously, the motor and the brake had to be unfastened and moved slightly to allow sufficient clearance for the brake disc to be dismounted. Having to move
  • NorthLink Ferries
    Each propeller shaft is equipped with a Dellner Brakes model SKD 4x100 pressure applied disc brake operating on a ø1050 mm (41.3 in) brake disc. The primary function of the brake is to hold the propeller shaft: * while maintenance is done on one and the other propeller still operates. * when
  • Multi-purpose vessels, Swedish Navy
    Each propeller shaft is equipped with a Dellner Brakes model SKD 2x100 hydraulic pressure applied disc brake operating on a ø 750 mm (29.5 in) brake disc which provides a brake torque of 28 400 Nm (20,950 lbf ft).
  • Archipelago ferries, Waxholm
    Each propeller shaft now has installed one Dellner Brakes type SKD 65 pressure applied disc brake operating on a 600 mm (23.6 in) diameter brake disc. With 59 bar (856 psi) hydraulic pressure to each brake, a torque of 4,2 kNm (37,170 lbf-in) is generated. After installation of the shaft brakes

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