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    Backflow Preventers - (126 companies)
    Backflow preventers are assemblies with two check valves and two shut-off valves that prevent reverses in process flow. They may also include test cocks for each chamber within the assembly. Backflow preventers have a variety of applications...
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    Check Valves - (1883 companies)
    ...that permit gases and liquids to flow in only one direction, preventing process flow from reversing. They are classified as one-way directional valves. Fluid flow in the desired direction opens the valve, while backflow forces the valve closed...
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    Water Valves - (573 companies)
    Non-return or check valves control the direction of flow. Flow in the desired direction opens the valve, while flow in the oppose direction forces the valve closed. These valves are important for preventing backflow to systems in applications...
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    Industrial Valves - (2996 companies)
    ...flow in the oppose direction forces the valve closed. These valves are important for preventing backflow to systems in applications such as wastewater management. Video Credit: / CC BY-SS 4.0. Method of Control. The mechanism to control...
    Inline Heaters - (43 companies)
    Inline heaters instantly heat fluids that are passed through the device. Upon exiting the heater, the fluids are consumed for their intended use and are not re-circulated. Inline heaters are usually electric and feature a high-output heat source...
    Blowout Preventers - (37 companies)
    Blowout preventers (BOPs) are specialized valve assemblies that prevent uncontrolled flow of formation fluid during well drilling operations. Several assemblies are typically stacked to create a fail-safe mechanism. Blowout preventers (BOPs...
    Drains and Drain Systems - (369 companies)
    Drains and drain systems are used to capture and remove water to prevent accidents, flooding or other hazardous conditions. Drains and drain systems are used to capture and remove water to prevent accidents, flooding, or other hazardous conditions...
    Rust and Corrosion Inhibiting Fluids - (398 companies)
    Rust preventives and corrosion inhibitors are lubricants, greases, oils or fluid additives that form a protective film or barrier to prevent corrosion or rust formation. Rust preventatives and corrosion inhibitors are lubricants, greases, oils...
    Strainers - (751 companies)
    Strainers are placed in-line with process piping to remove large solid contaminants from the flow. Strainers can be cleaned and reused. Strainers can be supplied as either an assembly or an element. Strainer assemblies come equipped with a housing...
    Washers - (1126 companies)
    Washers are disks of metal or non-metallic material placed beneath a nut, an axle bearing, or a joint, to relieve friction, prevent leakage, isolate, prevent loosening, or distribute pressure. Washers are disks of metal or non-metallic material...

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  • Solid Waste Operations Complex W-113, Detail Design Report (Title II). Volume 3: Specifications
    Backflow preventers or vacuum breakers shall be used where required to protect the potable water system from cross connection and contamination. .... Provide 140°F hot water to showers, kitchen sink, dishwasher and mop service basins. .... Hot water to lavatories shall be llO°F supplied from in- line thermostatic mixing valves. e.
  • CR4 - Thread: Oil-Fired Boiler Troubles---Need Help & Advice
    It should have a backflow preventer and a pressure reducing valve. .... Your inlet screen on the dishwasher is there to protect the solenoid diaphragm. .... I only have to install the inline filter now (today) to prevent clogging up my water lines…
  • Plutonium Finishing Plant (PFP) Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR) [SEC 1 THRU 11]
    Inline orifices--Limit the maximum potential flow rate. .... The backflow preventors are r a t e d f o r 100 l b / i .... Reduced pressure backflow preventers are i n s t a l l e d , wherever the sanitary … from laboratory deionizing u n i t ) , nitrogen, and hot water tank and dishwasher (not used) services.
  • CR4 - Thread: Hot water heater elements keep burning out.
    …be to restrict the hot water flow to the laundry and to the dishwasher using their isolation .... 07911000 1/2" X 1/2" INLINE VACUUM. .... REDUCED PRESSURE BACKFLOW PREVENTER : WATTS ...
  • Closed Crawl Space Performance: Proof of Concept in the Production Builder Marketplace
    The drain pipe should extend to daylight and include a ProSet Systems , Trap Guard backflow preventer . .... To this boot is attached flex duct and then an inline fan is attached to the flex .... dishwasher EF .
  • Simulation to assess plumbing and fire protection innovations
    Heaters, service meters, backflow preventers , and pumps are examples of categories of equipment groups. .... that consume a large amount of hot water (e.g., showers, washing machines, dishwashers , etc.) because it … where an aerator fitting is not required, the stack should have a double inline offset to decelerate…
  • States > Arkansas > State > Regulations > Department of Health > [ARREGS doh/hri] Rules and Regulations for Hospitals and Related Institutions in Arkansas
    Nebulizers ( in­line and hand-held), between treatments on the same patient, shall be disinfected to a high .... Backflow prevention shall be installed at the point of water connection on the unit. .... the partition between the clean and soiled dish area large enough for the dishwasher and ventilation of .... Backflow preventers (vacuum breakers) shall be installed on hose bibs, laboratory sinks, janitors' sinks, bedpan flushing attachments…
    …and autopilot would guide the vessel around any possible hazards and keep them inline with rules of .... For example, many users do not understand the intricate functions of today’s dishwasher with its multiple cycles .... The inspection and object identification should consist of both forward and back– flow process inspections to determine all potential safety–related objects. .... system to recover and prevent subsequent failures, and the in–line addition of failure preventers that can sense…