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  • Software Designed for Head-Up Display Measurement
    In December 2018, Radiant released a new software module (a package of application-specific software tests and parameters from our TrueTest TM Software) that can evaluate all visual aspects of HUD systems, and test to the specific parameters documented in automotive standards. TT-HUD provides all
  • Taking Advantage of VFD Software
    Although VFD manufacturers have made many advances in terms of ease of use, some users still find programming and monitoring with a 2-inch display tedious. This is where VFD programming and monitoring software comes into play.
  • Methods for Measuring Small Defects in Automotive Curved Displays
    Curved displays offer manufacturers new design flexibility for vehicle interiors, but also introduce challenges for display measurement. This paper presents the results of several lab tests measuring a 1500R LED-lit curved display using an imaging colorimeter and analysis software to evaluate
  • Hardward considerations for a Wireless LED Based Display Design
    efficient, portable, and easy to use. The display values on the scoreboard are transmitted wirelessly. This application report describes the selection of the following: an appropriate LED display, a controller system, a communication system, and software for building the wireless LED-based scoreboard
  • Method for Repeatable Measurement of Sparkle in Anti-Glare Displays
    This paper describes precise geometric, optical, and software parameters of a sparkle measurement method, which has been proven to match human visual perception of display quality with repeatable results. Using this method, OEMs and manufacturers of displays can define precise, measurable
  • Simplify A/D Converter Interface with Software
    Integrating analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) featuring binary-coded decimal (BCD) outputs for display interface offer a number of excellent features, as well as high resolution, at a very low cost. These advantages include auto-zeroing, sign-magnitude coding, noise averaging, and high impedance
  • How-To Guide: Automated Visual Inspection and Correction (Demura) of OLED Displays
    . With TrueTest TM analysis software, these measurements can be used to correct individual display pixels. This process, referred to as "demura," adjusts the luminance and/or chromaticity of each OLED pixel to produce displays with an entirely uniform appearance.
  • How to Use Imaging Colorimeters for Automated Visual Inspection of Displays
    Perhaps no single component is as critical to the usability and perceived quality of today's smartphones, tablets, and other electronics as their displays. The use of imaging colorimeter systems and associated analytical software to assess display brightness and color uniformity, contrast

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