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  • Melt-Pressure Transducers Part II
    be damaged if the extruder is operated at pressure levels beyond the transducer's rated capacity, resulting in inaccurate pressure readings. Next, make sure that the transducer's electrical output is compatible with the extrusion control system. The distance the wire must run, the transducer's
  • How Does a Sonicator Work? (.pdf)
    The ultrasonic electronic generator transforms AC line power to a 20KHz signal that drives a piezoelectric convertor/transducer. This electrical signal is converted by the transducer to a mechanical vibration due to the characteristics of the internal piezoelectric crystals. The vibration
  • Understanding Ultrasonics
    in the shape of a cone, are reflected from a target back to the transducer. An output signal is produced to perform some kind of indicating or control function. A minimum distance from the sensor is required to provide a time delay so that the "echoes" can be interpreted.
  • Delay Time Measurement with Ultrasonic Sensors
    are however somewhat more precise then the ones described in our physics experiment mentioned in the introduction. Only an exact time base allows precise distance measurements, constant resolutions in the range of tenth of millimeters, as well as exact repeatable switch-points. All the same
  • Magnetostrictive Position Transducers in Medical Applications
    Magnetostrictive position transducers are non-contact, absolute reading, and have essentially infinite resolution. The non-contact nature of this technology means that there are no rubbing or sliding parts to wear out, and assures an unlimited service life for the position transducer. High
  • Mercury Fill Sensors
    A transducer is an electronic device that converts energy from one form to another. In the case of a Dynisco pressure transducer, the process fluid exerts a pressure force on a thin flexible metal diaphragm at the tip of the sensor. This, in turn, stresses a small sensing device called a strain
  • Electrohydraulic Actuators
    The coupling of electronic and hydraulic technology is becoming increasingly common, especially in electrohydraulic actuators. Advances in transducer logic and control capabilities have resulted in cylinders that transmit high forces with a high degree of positioning accuracy. Key to the operation
  • Effects of Ultrasonics on Health
    energy is the ultrasonic transducer: a linear motor that converts electrical energy to reciprocating mechanical motion similar to a high-speed hammer. The motion occurs at a rate of 20,000 strokes or more per second, and is above the hearing range of the average person. The ultrasonic mechanical
  • Unified Optical Scanning Technology - Preface
    , smoke signals? That is, amplitude modulation of scattered light from controlled groups of particulate aerosol, which disperse as they rise, as observed from a distance. This is a form of serial information transfer. The two principal forms of optical information transfer are identified as serial

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  • Sensor technique
    whereat d = distance transducer -reflector, L = distance of the transducer centers.
  • Transducers and Arrays for Underwater Sound
    The combined interactions from distant transducers might be comparable to the interactions from nearest neighbor transducers in a large plane array, while it might be negligible in a curved array.
  • Regular path queries under approximate semantics
    As a first example we note the pure edit distance transducer , which simulates the classical application of the three edit op- erations insertion, deletion, and substitution.