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    Motor Controllers - (738 companies)
    ...are used to control and monitor multiple, independent axes of motion. Robotic motion controllers use digital motion control hardware and software for the coordinated multi-axis control of industrial robots and robotic systems. Servo amplifiers...
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  • Servo Drives-Image
    Servo Drives - (456 companies)
    Servo drives provide electrical drive outputs to servo motors in closed-loop motion control systems where position feedback and corrective signals optimize position and speed accuracy. Servo drives provide electrical outputs to servo motors...
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  • Motion Controllers-Image
    Motion Controllers - (463 companies)
    ...interface choices include PCI, PC / 104, ISA or EISA, STD bus, Multibus, VME, VXI or MXI, PXI bus, parallel port, and GPIB or IEEE-488 or HPIB. Matching the Parts. Choices for motor drive style for motion controllers include DC brush servo, DC brushless...
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  • Servo Valves-Image
    Servo Valves - (89 companies)
    Servo valves provide closed loop flow or pressure response to an electrical or electronic control signal. They are used in air, gas, and liquid applications. Servo valves (or servo valves) provide closed loop flow or pressure response...
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  • CNC Controllers-Image
    CNC Controllers - (156 companies)
    CNC controllers are used to control machines and processes. They provide capabilities ranging from simple point-to-point linear control to highly complex algorithms with multiple axes of control. CNC controllers are used to retrofit many types...
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    Temperature Controllers - (1084 companies)
    Temperature controllers accept inputs from temperature sensors or thermometers, and then output a control signal to keep the temperature at the desired level. Temperature controllers maintain a set temperature level using input from a sensor...
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    Pressure Controllers - (285 companies)
    Pressure controllers accept input from pressure sensors, transmitters, gauges, and other devices and subsequently control adjustment to the pressure to maintain or achieve the desired pressure level. Pressure controllers are used to regulate...
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    Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) - (92 companies)
    ...analog I/O modules, digital I/O modules, relay modules, counter modules, serial modules, servo or stepper controller modules, timer modules, and data acquisition modules. Many programmable automation controllers or PACs include features...
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    RAID Controllers - (64 companies)
    RAID controllers are computer boards that control RAID systems. RAID is an acronym for Redundant Array of Independent (or Inexpensive) Disks. A RAID system is a group of drives which together act as a single storage system. RAID is a performance...
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    Flow Controllers - (430 companies)
    Flow controllers monitor and maintain flow-rate variables, typically in process applications. Flow controllers are electric devices which monitor and maintain flow-rate variables, typically in process applications. They can be used in conjunction...
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  • Expert JavaScript
    In practical use, the term most often describes handmade art, design or DIY hobby projects that use sensors and micro controllers to translate analog input to a software system, and/or control electro-mechanical devices such as motors, servos , lighting or other hardware …
  • CR4 - Thread: Need some advice on microcontrollers
    … programs up to 2000 lines of machine code (a LOT for most little DIY things) before you … With 2000 lines (combined with some bad programming practices) I've made a 8 channel servo controller , GPS interface, motor controller...
  • Social Robots from a Human Perspective
    … 8.6) is an open-source social robot that can be produced using DIY tools and techniques6 … … software body of the robot and protects the inner part; the control unit and electronics that consist of a separate control box with joystick interface and a micro controller that reads the joystick … … joystick values to the servo controller inside the robot.
  • System-Level Design Methodologies for Telecommunication
    Fig. 7.7 DIY LCD shield LCD (Fig. 7.7), touch or even electronic ink screens, wireless and wired communica- tion (including ZigBee, XBee, WiFi, and plain Radio Frequencies), relay controllers to control high-power electrical equipment, servo motor controllers to build robots, remote controlled vehicles, or generic …
  • CR4 - Blog Entry: DIY robotic foosball table is ready to throw down
    Some clever DIY -types have come up with a solution for how to fill all those long … The premise is simple: servos coupled with a micro- controller operate the arms of the table, while a camera above the action monitors the game, including the location of the ball and the opponents moves, then processes that information using a custom …
    This includes servo and stepper motors, kits, routing sys- tems, tables, pumps and other compo- nents.ArtSoft … The middle ground in machine con- trol is occupied by PC-based con- trollers from companies that kit the whole works and oversee installation. Costs are correspondingly higher than the DIY option, but ease of installation and depth of support can …
  • Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your 3D Printer
    … i3 auto Z-probing electromagnet, 408 Marlin firmware, 411 own copy modification, 411 servo connectors (RAMPS), 410 … See Corrective maintenance Repetier-Host G-code pane, 35 installation Advanced page, 161–162 Behavior page, 159–160 communication tab, 158 Dimension tab, 160–161 preflight tests, 163 printer controller , 156 process, 158 object pane … … 34 RepRap design definition, 63 DIY Tech Shop, 68 MakerFarm …
  • CR4 - Thread: DIY CNC Plasma Table
    Re: DIY CNC Plasma Table With that said, then one will need the servo controller made to accept G code, etc.
  • DIY Robots
    They have independent suspensions and a modular platform compatible with different robotic parts such as DC motors, radio transmitters, servos , micro controllers and sensors. … major part of our life, people are constantly seeking to explore the futuristic aspects of DIY robots.
  • Arduino Electronics Blueprints
    A buttonless servo motor controller Summary … the Arduino-SNAP circuit interface Building the SNAP circuit AM radio Subcircuit integration DIY challenge – RedBearLab …

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