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  • Software Review: PDM Software Handles Enterprise Engineering Data
    remote sites. The software includes a full-featured license of SQL Server 2005. However, the license is limited to running only the PDMWE database. The documentation for PDMWE is well written and complete. Setup is straightforward, but it is helpful to get support through a VAR. There are different ways
  • CAPA Software Comes Out Of Isolation
    By Doug Bartholomew, Contributing Editor As more pharmaceutical manufacturers strive to improve the quality of their operations and product, corrective and preventive action (CAPA) software is becoming a more important tool. The software is designed to help users respond to adverse events, which
  • Math software solves equations, and more
    Mathematica is programmable, high-end math software with a steep learning curve. The interface combines CalcCenter 3's math, graphing, and word-processing capabilities into one "notebook " document. Selecting Import a File pulls up the Controller associated with the ImportData function
  • Medical Device Link . Manufacturing Execution Systems Bridging the gap between MRP/ERP systems and shop-floor controllers, an MES package can reduce manufacturing cycles, prevent production errors, and simplify the documentation process.
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry (MES) was coined in 1990 to describe a suite of software functions that reside between MRP/ERP (materials/enterprise resource planning) systems and manufacturing control systems. An MES makes it possible to pass information back and forth between an MRP/ERP
  • Industrial-design software improved all around
    AliasStudio 2008 software helps industrial designers of every stripe do their jobs better, from developing initial concepts through visualization and communication. Of course, the program has the necessary sketching and modeling tools. Now it also includes tools such as twist, bend, and conform
  • FEA software ready to model many physical phenomena
    the sensing depth. The Plot Parameters dialog box allows changing the display. Up to seven plots types can be superimposed. This case shows the Streamline and Surface plots. Femlab FEA software consists of a general-purpose multiphysics modeler plus optional specialized modules for electromagnetic
  • Illustration software helps design manuals
    Good technical documentation complements a good product. A photo can be the "first-pass " illustration when building a document. When the product is finalized, it's a simple matter to replace the photo with a line drawing. The Object Manager shows an ungrouped screw made up of 14 objects, all
  • Software Lets Designers "Test Drive " Machines
    , customers sometimes wanted to modify a machine even after approving a design. This made product documentation confusing. For example, some customers found it difficult to match the parts they needed to part numbers in drawings. So Pearson tried using Autodesk Inventor Professional from , San
  • Medical Device Link .
    assumptions of the systems and manufacturing operations. FDA can take adverse steps against a company if during a GMP inspection it finds the software validation documentation incomplete or inadequate. Severe violations may lead to the temporary closure of production facilities while the manufacturer
  • SmartWare Release Strategy
    with the least possible side-effects. Lastly, the customer release is a maintenance release for a specific customer. Clearly defined software life cycles, release states and documentation deliverables allow customers to choose between a maintained, stable and backwards-compatible software with known
  • Medical Device Link .
    Applying Session-Based Testing to Medical Software A cost-effective means of identifying defects, the session-based testing method is simple to understand, easy to implement, and an asset in achieving regulatory compliance. Bill Wood and David James Developing medical devices in today s
  • Smart Computing Article - Using . . .The Gaming Options Control Panel
    , connect your controller to the proper port(s) as outlined in the controller's documentation. Game controllers typically connect to PCs via a 15-pin joystick port (often found on sound cards) or a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. Once everything connects properly, you may need to install software
  • Medical Device Link .
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry To comply with FDA requirements and various U.S. and international standards, medical device manufacturers must be able to trace device software capabilities from a requirements specification through test and release. In sections on testing and documentation

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