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    O-rings - (721 companies)
    O-rings are solid-rubber seals that are shaped like a doughnut. When pressed between two mating surfaces, O-rings block the passage of liquids or gases. O-rings are solid-rubber seals that are shaped like a doughnut. When pressed between two mating...
    Dovetail Cutters - (55 companies)
    Dovetail cutters are specialized tools for cutting a dovetail angled grooves into a workpiece and are used for fitting or joining parts. Dovetail cutters are specialized tools for cutting dovetail angled grooves into a workpiece and are used...
  • Round Belts and O-ring Belts-Image
    Round Belts and O-ring Belts - (76 companies)
    Round belts and o-ring belts are light-to-medium duty power transmission belts. They can be solid or hollow, and can easily be used in 3-D applications. Round belts and o-ring belts are light- to heavy-duty power transmission belts. These products...
  • Dovetail Slides-Image
    Dovetail Slides - (28 companies)
    Dovetail slides are linear motion devices that allow motion and positioning along a linear axis. Dovetail slides may also be called dovetail way slides. They are composed of a flaring tenon or saddle (moving member) and a mortise (fixed base...
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    Milling Cutters - (834 companies)
    ...configuration. As the teeth cut the material, the rotation of the milling bit sends chips up the flute, the part of the milling cutter with deep helical grooves. Typically, there is one tooth per flute; however, some products have two teeth per flute...
    Keyseat Cutters - (65 companies)
    Keyseat cutters produce a groove or slot, which serves as a seat for a complementary engagement key. They are typically used in key shafts to provide positive engagement and prevent unwanted rotation or movement. Types of Keyseat Cutters. Keyseat...
    Angle Cutters - (45 companies)
    Angle cutters are milling cutters with the cutting face angled with respect to the axis of rotation. There are many types of angle cutters. Examples include single angle cutters and double angle cutters. Single angle cutters are those which have...
    Pipe and Tube Cutters - (155 companies)
    Pipe and tube cutters are hand-held tools or machines that use a rotating cutting wheel, blade, or other tool head to separate a long piece of tubular material into two or more parts. Pipe and tube cutters can be manually, electrically...
    Gear Cutters and Hobs - (56 companies)
    ...for machining female semicircle grooves of radii. Other ends and tips for gear cutters and hobs include radius or chamfer-tipped. Radius-tipped gear cutters and hobs ends are straight flutes with ground radius on the very tip. Chamfer tip ends...
    Fly Cutters - (29 companies)
    Fly cutters are rotary tools that use one or more single-point tools for plane surfacing. The fly cutter is a single-point cutting tool similar to a lathe tool mounted in a special holder. Types. There are many types of fly cutters. Examples include...

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    The next operation was cutting an O - ring groove around the around the through-hole. From Accugrind, Ghamandi ordered a 0.078"-dia. dovetail cutter that was so small as to be “scary,” .
  • Environmental Monitoring of Bacteria
    The piston is made of PVC with two external distributor seals located in recessed grooves . The cutter can now be attached to another core tube. Prior to extrusion, the incubation chambers are sealed at the top with a PVC cap (Fig. 4E) that has an internal “ O ” ring to hold it in position and a larger “O” ring (Fig. 4F) that forms a seal between … These are located in finely machined dovetailed rebates (Fig. 4L), and when the assemblies are joined, the …
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  • Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
    Sealing-ring( O - ring ) 1607 Grooving .................................................................................... … tools of various shapes, RUM could be used for end milling, tee slotting, dovetail cutting, screw threading … The cutting tool used in milling is known as a milling cutter .
  • Encyclopedia of Tribology
    STATIC O - RING SEAL But also think about the chapter titled “▶ Wet Clutch Friction Material: The Surfaced Groove Effect.” Form Cutters Fretting contacts occur in numerous applications of engineering importance, such as blade-disk dovetail joints in gas …
  • Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials III
    O seal ring B Using mechanical processing to burnish groove and making sure that any defect such as crack, double skin … … the block area and damage probability to targets, a new type warhead of circumferential cutter is presented. A compressor blade is torsion-type surface and dovetail type for root-blade.
  • Advances in Manufacturing Technology
    … include buttons, signals to operate transfer switches, cutting signals of eight production line’s cutters , signals to operate … … installed on the supporting board, The baffle, guide bar and spring in the groove which is installed … … be seen that the got forward position solution using forward position solution method dovetails nicely with the … As shown in Fig.2, It is composed of wheel circle 1, line groove 2, elcetrocircuit board 3 and wheel hub 4. O - ring is used for static seal of circuit boards department, seal combination is used for dynamic seal when the …
  • Langford's Technical and Commercial Dictionary
    O-papier n. oiled paper; transparent paper --= papier m. hune ; papier m. transrparc:J.t. O - ring m. lubrication ring; oil-control ring = segment radeur; segment m. a r,appel d'huiIe; bague f. de grail,- sage. P-schel'e f. cardboard cutter = cisaille f. a ,carton. Rille f. mortise; groove i s:lot i rabbet i key seat j trough = mortaise f.; rai … Schwalbenschwanz m. dovetail = queue f. d'hironde; queue f.