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  • Advantage's of Microchip's Cascaded Op Amps
    TB077 Advantages of Microchip's Cascaded Op Amps Author: Kumen Blake Microchip Technology Inc. V IN V OUT INTRODUCTION Microchip has introduced cascaded dual op amps: R R 2 4 R R 1 3 MCP627X (2 MHz), MCP628X (5 MHz) and MCP629X (10 MHz). Features of this new topology include: ) pin for both
  • The Rail to Rail Advantage
    the internet. In recent years the small-signal monolithic rail to rail input, rail to rail output, operational amplifier has become a mainstay in the arsenal of several manufacturers' amplifier lines. These op amps go by the moniker of RRIO op amps and are usually powered by 5 volts. They can