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  • Sea Pro 5 is Standard On Cummins 2007 Tier II Marine Engines
    In addition, single filter isolation configurations are available, referred to as the duplex style with two housings and triplex style for three housings. … are the FH234 Series Sea Pro 6 and Sea Pro 7 Marine Diesel Fuel Processors offering similar …
  • A control system retrofit for a GE Frame 5 turbine/generator unit
    Other devices were added to the fuel system to provide constant control oil (CCO), mount MPU's, and … These include a duplex filter , a hydraulic pump, a three-way valve, relief valves, an MPU housing kit.
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    Typical applications for bag filters include: • Industrial water treatment • Plating solutions • Cooling towers • Solvents • Machine tool coolant • Fuels • Metal working • Hydraulic fluids … … Food processing • Process water Bag filter housings are generally constructed of … Single, multi- and duplex bag hous- ings are available, and housing require- ments are based on flow …
  • Modern Engine Technology from A to Z
    ~Diesel engine ~~ Fuel -injector body Duplex chain rChain drive ~Multiple chain Dust capacity rFilter ~Intake air filter ~~Filter characteristics Dust-proof sealing rElectronic/mechanical en- gine and transmission control ~Requirements for me- chanical and housing concepts .
    The auxiliary skid will house the support systems for the GTG unit. Supply flow will be directed through a duplex filter and into each manifold for distribution. Gas Fuel System – the gas fuel metering, control and isolation skid will be located adjacent to …