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  • Regeneration vs. Dynamic Braking in DC Drives
    Both regeneration and dynamic braking (DB) slow down a rotating DC motor and its load, but when should one method be chosen over another, or when possibly should both be used? There are significant differences in stopping time, controllability during stopping, and safety issues depending how one
  • Calculating Stopping Time for Dynamic Braking on DC Drives
    Occasionally, a customer may request to know the stopping time for DB on our single and three-phase DC drives. Stopping time can be easily estimated applying the following formula: T = (2 (RPM)2 x WR2 x R) x 4 (seconds) 4320 V2 where: T = Total time to stop (SECONDS) RPM = RPM at time of applying DB
  • How to Select Your Positorq Brake
    . Winch brakes to apply tension on the line is during unwind such as Drawworks auxiliary brakes, dynamic stopping and static holding.
  • Don't Forget These Two Things When Selecting an Amplifier for a Servo-motion Application
    Using software to size motion designs is rewarding because engineers can efficiently predict which products are suitable for the application at hand. But key considerations (sometimes missed) when selecting a servo amplifier are those of dynamic braking and regenerative resistor braking.
  • Pipelay vessel, Allseas
    In the process of welding tubes/pipes to an endless pipe, Dellner brakes are mounted on the transporting system. Every time the tubes are welded together the transporting system is put on holding brakes, slightly dynamically braking. In total 26 brakes model SKP 50-09 are supplied, 2 brakes per
  • Regenerative Power Units Save Energy
    be returned to the grid or quickly dissipated by a braking resistor. Otherwise, the dc bus will be overcharged and an over-voltage fault can occur. Dynamic braking resistors have been widely used to convert regenerated energy into heat loss because of simplicity and low installation cost, as illustrated
  • Piezo Motors: Principle of Operation for Engineers
    mode. While the driving voltage is not applied, the ceramic plate is stationary and generates holding torque on the stage. Unlike any other braking device, the holding torque of the Nanomotion motor does not cause any position shift. Nanomotion motors facilitate compact yet precise motorized
  • Integrated Wheel Drives Lower Cost of Mobile Robot Ownership
    and its less robust counterpart is stark. That puts pressure on the design engineer to choose the best power supply, control systems, motors, gearboxes, wheels and brakes to combine into a drivetrain, which ensures the mobile robot features the optimum trade-off between cost, reliability, efficiency

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