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  • Using Impulse Response Functions to Evaluate Baseball Bats
    the dynamic behavior of baseball bats. Using this approach. we can compare the ball striking one spot on a bat versus. another, and also compare the performance of one bat design. versus another. We can quantify a ball striking the. "sweet spot" on a bat versus the "sting" felt at the handle. when
  • Dynamic Testing Characterizes the Viscoelastic Properties of Vocal Fold Tissue
    of up to 15 Hz(1). Dynamic Mechanical Analysis data in the frequency range of typical human speech (150-300 Hz) would be useful to fully evaluate the mechanical properties of original or replacement tissue. In addition, Stress Relaxation and Strain Creep data help determine the range of mechanical
  • An Advanced Sine Control Algorithm Control System Dynamic Range
    Choosing a digital Shaker Control system to operate with either an electrodynamic or hydraulic shaker,. requires careful consideration of a number of issues. In addition to cost, the two most important factors for. a customer to evaluate are safety and performance. Obviously, a system that does
  • 3 Parameters to Consider When Testing Durability of Flexible Materials
    If you have been performing property evaluations on flexible film materials using single point tests such as impact, puncture, tear, and tensile, consider a dynamic end-use test for durability, instead. Gelbo flex testing can upgrade an annual characterization, evaluate the competition or benchmark
  • Miniature IEPE Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometer for Space Applications
    configuring a piezoelectric accelerometer with wide dynamic range and small dimensions for a space flight application. In order to achieve the broadest dynamic range possible, sensor engineers will typically focus on utilizing piezoelectric crystal materials with higher sensitivities as this factor
  • Package Performance Testing Conundrum: Solved!
    The purpose of a distribution or transportation simulation test is to evaluate the performance of the complete packaging system. However, such testing is a conditioning element, as there is no specific or variable result derived from these tests. It simply subjects the test specimen to dynamic
  • Analysis and Design of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers - Preface
    density inside the active layer can be calculated. Furthermore, detailed analysis of optical fields can be considered using the beam propagation method such that the influence of optical confinement on the dynamic response of VCSELs can be evaluated. However, detailed investigation of the transient
  • Power Detection and Control
    Power control architectures for mobile handsets can be categorized into two main. groups, Direct and Indirect detection. Indirect power detection takes advantage of. relationships between DC characteristics and RF output power without the need to. directly evaluate the RF output waveform. Using

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