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    The choice to locate this year's European Advanced Equipment Control/Advanced Process Control Conference in Dublin had a certain logic to it. After all, two global companies with a mighty presence in the area around the Irish capital --Guinness and Intel --know a thing or two about how to tightly
  • The Focal Easy Guide to Adobe Audition 2.0
    The Focal Easy Guide to Adobe Audition 2.0. Covering only the key features and essential workflow to get you up and running quickly, this concise guide pares down Adobe Audition 2.0 and shows you how to set up, edit, restore audio, loop content, work with video, master, make a CD, and much more.
  • Smart Computing Article - Image Editing
    overwrite one of the existing ones and remove it permanently from the palette. However, if you follow these steps, you can create colors that will happily coexist. To create your custom color, select Colors, click Edit Colors (Options, Edit Colors in Win95 & NT), and in the Edit Colors dialog box
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    The L-Edit MEMS Design from adds all-angle design-rule checking (DRC) capability to the company's L-Edit MEMS software. Using DRC, users can find out instantly if their designs violate the rules for standard or custom fabrication processes. DRC enables designers to check for minimum spacing between
  • How To Monitor Load Feedback Of A Linear Actuator Part 2
    Welcome to Part 2 of our guide on how to monitor the load feedback of a linear actuator. In Part 1 we went over the wiring process and the basic coding needed for the example. In today's guide we will be going over in the detail the different sections of the coding as well as some ways to edit
  • How was that model built? Software tells all.
    Have you ever had to edit an assembly or a part designed by someone else, or change a model you designed a long time ago? A model in SolidWorks shows a clamp with a 3.50-mm hole in the center of the front face. The clamp has been enlarged. The hole remains 11.25 mm from the top edges, and so
  • Peter Cochrane
    This being so, we might then be prompted to ask ourselves a fundamental question: why is it that we have vertical computer screens? By merely lying a computer screen flat and looking straight down, we can improve our ability to read, edit and compose on average between 15 and 20 per cent
  • Computer Power User Article - Warm Up To Penguins
    and how to add new ones. You can make changes directly with iptables on the command line or you can edit the
  • Why adopt multivariable control?
    As we all know, before doing vibration testing, we should edit the reference. spectrum with the vibration controller, usually low frequencies with constant. displacement spectrum, middle frequencies with constant velocity spectrum, while. the high frequencies with constant acceleration spectrum
  • Medical Device Link .
    At parties and other social functions, I don't look forward to the moment when conversation turns to careers. When I mention that I am editor of a magazine, people tend to act interested. "Oh, and what sort of magazine do you edit? " is the traditional follow-up question. , I reply, noting
  • 3D controller speeds designs
    a regular mouse with the other hand to edit models. This allows quick design changes, which helps get products to market faster. The SpacePilot also saves time by providing a better way to work in diverse visual environments. We use it with SolidWorks,

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