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  • Generator Fuel Tanks
    Generators supply auxiliary electric power during outages of power supply from the local electricity distribution company. This is done by using input mechanical energy to initiate combustion of fuel and converting the energy released to electrical energy. Please read this article for more
  • High-Efficiency Operation of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle Starter/Generator Over Road Profiles
    complexities, and vehicular performance requirements make it difficult to determine and sustain the most efficient operating points. This article characterizes the performance of a fuzzy-logic controller for a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) starter/generator (S/G) that is used to maintain optimum
  • A chicken in every pot, a generator in every backyard
    such as windmills and solar cells. Do such scenarios make sense? An interesting perspective on the question comes from Joe Koepfinger, a vice chair of the IEEE Working Group now defining a standard for connecting distributed generators to the electric grid. Koepfinger is installing a 20-kW generator
  • Warnings Are Not Enough to Ensure User Safety from Generator Fires, Shocks, and Carbon Monoxide
    generators. Most of the warnings are common sense. For example, Snyder says, "Never use a generator indoors, in an attached garage, or where it can be exposed to rain or snow. Always read the instructions. And never plug an electric portable generator into a regular household outlet. Use a heavy
  • Off-Road Electric Drives Gain Traction
    next year, its electric-drive system eliminates the traditional mechanical transmission and reportedly gives the 60,000-lb D7E an unmatched balance of power, efficiency, control, and maneuverability. In essence, a 235-hp Cat C9 diesel engine drives a brushless-ac generator that, in turn, powers motors
  • Structural Design Reduces Solar-Electric Power-Plant Costs and Improves Solar-Generating Efficiency
    , the facility uses parabolic troughs holding curved mirrors to concentrate sunlight on glass and steel receiver tubes. Fluid circulating through the tubes reaches temperatures as hot as 735 F and is used to generate steam, which drives a turbine and generator to produce electricity. One advantage solar
  • Sensorless Switched-reluctance Generators: a Technology Read for Aerospace Applications
    and hydraulic loads used for the past decades cannot efficiently meet these growing demands. The engineering challenges include developing a powerful electric generator that is not bulky and cumbersome. Compactness and low weight are of paramount importance in the aerospace industry. This requirement
  • Wheel may fly high
    , a flywheel energy system, also known as an electromechanical battery, uses an electric motor to spin a wheel or rotor to store energy. The energy stored in the wheel then drives an electric generator which, in turn, powers an electrical load. The resistance of the load, reflected back to the wheel, gradually

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