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  • Custom Electric Heater Skid for a Paint Manufacturing Application
    As specialists in the design and supply of custom thermal oil heat transfer systems, we have the resources to build custom systems in a cost-effective and timely manner. At Thermal Fluid Systems, we engineered the electric heater and control panel skid highlighted here for specialty paints
  • Electric Heaters Work Best for Process Heating Applications
    The use of electric heaters in homes has become common for a while, but it is only now that their use in petrochemical and chemical industries has increased. This is largely due to the enhancement of product design, safety features and control measures.
  • Advantages of Electric Immersion Heaters in Chemical Manufacturing
    The chemical manufacturing industry has unique challenges in the production, storage, and transportation of materials. Corrosion, costs, and controls effect quality and efficiency. Electric immersion heaters are the best heating solution for the chemical industry.
  • Temperature and Power Controls for Industrial Electric Heating
    and helps to extend the life of an electric heater. There are different types of controls used in industrial thermal systems. These controls vary in accuracy and performance.
  • Immersion Water Heaters in a Solar Power System
    Electricity produced through solar panels is used for heating water effectively and efficiently when attached to immersion water heaters equipped with sensors and controls. Depending on the average hours of daylight and the number of panels contained in the system, not all of the electricity
  • How to select an Actuator (part. 3): Electric Actuator
    Electric rotary actuators are basically geared motors with a variety of electrical accessories (limit switches, heater, circuit boards) that may be specified to meet the exact valve automation requirements of a process control system. As an electrical device it is housed in an enclosure designed
  • Design Considerations for Thermal Controls
    Electric Products, Incorporated, all rights reserved. Creep action thermal controls are a single bimetallic element that generally carries the circuit current in the application. These devices. obtain their name by the slow break and make movement of the bimetallic element. These devices are excellent
  • Digital Control Panels in the Heating Industry
    A lot of emphasis is given to industrial heating elements and sheath materials when discussing the electric heaters. However, equally important are the control panels for process heaters to function effectively. The control panel is a vital part of the immersion heaters to maintain stability.
  • How to Design the Effective Heat Transfer
    Industrial electric heaters are useful for delivering heat when you need it and controlling temperature at a steady rate that you have determined. However, poor design through improper placement of sensors or the heating system itself, will fail to produce desired results and can even lead to heat
  • 5 Fundamental Rules for Designing Efficient Heat Transfers
    Considering these basic rules for designing thermal heat transfers will expand a project's productivity, enhance your process, and diminish energy loss. An electric heater can distribute heat where needed and when connected with a properly placed thermocouple will ensure control in your process
  • Direct In Situ Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer (.pdf)
    The EXAxt Zircon Oxygen Analyzer (Model ZR402G) is used to monitor and control the oxygen concentration in combustion gases, in boilers and industrial furnaces, for wide application in industries which consume considerable energy-such as steel, electric power, oil and petrochemical, ceramics, paper
  • Interphex Stands Test of Time (and Economy)
    magnetic drive seal-less design pump; VFD adjusts flow and automatically manages supply pressure; electric immersion heaters rated from 5 to 160 kW, low watt density design, flange mounted; and finger-safe electrical components. Offers custom air handling systems to address pharmaceutical