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  • Application: Electric Toothbrush On/Off Switch (.pdf)
    For years manufactures of electric toothbrushes have used mechanical slide switches to turn on and off the power to the toothbrush. The mechanical slide switches are subject to very harsh environments having to deal with chemically active toothpastes, acidic saliva, and running water at various
    Air-quality regulations have a major impact on the choice of engine-generator sets for standby electric power. Federal, state and local rules can dictate the level of emission control required and can make gas engines a more advantageous choice than the traditional diesel technology.
  • AN1106, Power Factor Correction in Power Conversion Applications Using the dsPIC (R) DSC
    network losses, the total * Working, or Active Powerharmonic content, and the radiated emissions become * Reactive Powersignificantly higher. At power levels of more than 500 watts, these problems become more pronounced. Working Power is the power that is actually consumed and registered
  • City of St. Cloud Relies on Thermal Flow Meters for Digester Biofuel Co-Gen Power Process
    and national levels for its highly innovative and efficient sustainability initiatives, which include both biofuel and solar co-generation electric power.
  • Power Plant Converts to Combined Cycle Operation with the Help of Thermal Mass Air/Gas Flow Meter
    During an upgrade project to install combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) technology, the process engineers at an electric power plant in Western Europe also wanted to maximize the efficiency of their existing gas fuel turbines while maintaining the highest safety levels. By optimizing the performance
  • Thermoelectrics
    . This movement of electrons will cause the creation of an electrical current due to the movement from the hot side to the cold side in the material. Therefore, the level of electric current produced is proportional to the amount of temperature used in the heating process.
  • Reducing Utility Demand Charges
    in fuel costs (the oil or other fuel your utility may buy to generate the electricity) over the same base level, usually added at a flat rate per kilowatt hour; and * demand charges, for the greatest amount of electrical power (in kilowatts, kW) supplied to you by your electric utility.
  • Highlights of 2014 and New Products Introduction
    Cooling fans are now equipped in power conditioners of photovoltaic power systems, high-brightness LED lighting devices and charging stations for electric vehicles due to the increase in the amount of heat these devices generate. Such devices must operate in harsh environments such as outdoors

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  • Gas turbines and flight drives
    By bypass-engines with large bypass ratio and the mixture of the primary and secondary air TFM (represented after the program [GasTurb] in Abb. 2.6-20) becomes the outer, colder secondary-air flow ( plane 16) and the inner primary-hot air …
  • Electricity systems
    In order that no release occurs at switching currents, the overloading current stage during the connection for a selectable time allows itself, un .
  • Electricity systems
    In order that no release occurs at switching currents, the overloading current stage during the connection for a selectable time allows itself, bottom .
  • Dictionary of the geology / Dictionary of Geology
    … to current bed relief n roughness of channel bed current density f m, the current puncture m river cutoff current dynamics f stream dynamics of electrode flat of a flat flow current electrode f current to current plane f flows flowing currents …
  • Manual electrical engineering
     Absolute current level .
  • Elements of the applied electronics
    One distinguishes: voltage level current level .
  • Electrical power supply 1
    The self-blowing switch features a low detaching current level through particularly soft blowing by small currents (section 13.5.5).
  • Thermal process engineering
    Heat exchange surface concentration heating vapor current steaming current specific enthalpy heat transfer coefficient solution current step number tube number pressure .