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  • Low-Cost Electric Range Control Using a Triac
    Most countertop cooking appliances like electric ranges, skillets and fryers have an adjustable mechanical thermostat to vary the heat output of the range. This solution is inexpensive, but there are several drawbacks to mechanical thermostats: * Mechanical thermostats have to be calibrated
  • Reference Guide: Resin Plates Characteristics
    presses and die spacers. CHigh Strength Grade:It has excellent compression and bending strength properties and is suitable for a use of heat insulating material for a wide range of dies and heating furnaces. CHigh Temperature Resisting Grade:It maintains compression strength property under high
  • Derating For Real World Conditions
    . Resistivity is a measure of how strongly a material opposes the flow of electric current. A low resistivity material, such as silver, readily allows the flow of current in an. electrical circuit. A material with higher resistance, such as nickel, impedes the flow of. current in the circuit