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  • New PCT Compound for LED Reflector Resin
    Light-emitting diodes (LED), as a new light source, are being used more and more as display backlight and general lighting. Due to the increase of brightness and electrical current of LED packaging (PKG), there are demanding requirements of LED re ector resins on heat. and light stability. A high
  • Antistatic Filter Elements (.pdf)
    has developed a special antistatic membrane compound. This material is electrically non chargeable.
  • Solving Ultraviolet Curable Potting & Encapsulating Problems With Shadow Cure Technology
    The Potting or Encapsulation of electronic components is a common engineering design tool to protect products from environmental exposure. Potting involves the covering or embedding of an electronic or electrical device. In most cases an assembly is placed in a case or shell and then a liquid
  • Medical Device Link .
    Elastomer compound offers a fast-curing alternative to moisture curing. A UV curable elastomer compound from Master Bond Inc. (Hackensack, NJ; 201/343-8983) offers an alternative to conventional moisture curing silicone materials for use-in-place seals, gaskets, bonding, and protective coatings
  • MICRO: Special Apps
    metallization in silicon-based devices (except in backside metallization processes), it is used extensively in MEMS and compound semiconductor device fabrication and in wafer packaging applications because of its high electrical conductivity and its relative chemical inertness. Gold interconnects are also
  • Thermoset Composites
    , along with good mechanical, electrical, and chemical properties, and dimensional stability. Polyesters can be compounded to be flexible and resilient, or hard and brittle, and to resist chemicals and weather. Halogenated (chlorinated or brominated) compounds are available for increased fire retardance
    Dry etch plays a very important role in fabrication of modern IIIV. compound semiconductor devices. Compared to wet chemical. etch, dry etch, which uses reactive gas plasma to remove. substances chemically, has many advantages, such as better. controllability, higher pattern reproducibility
  • Mixed materials for car bodies require alternative fastening techniques
    of whether the car is powered by an electrical drive system, a hybrid drive, or has a conventional combustion engine - the lightweights will come out on top! However, car bodies must lose none of the necessary rigidity. Modern car body engineers are experimenting with suitable compound materials
    Silicone rubber laminate insulation materials have a long history of successful service in diesel-electric locomotive traction motors dating back to the 1950's. Silicone rubber is an excellent material choice for this application because of its outstanding thermal stability, good electrical
  • Alkyd
    dimensional stability and electrical properties are the outstanding characteristics of most alkyd molding compounds. For electrical-grade materials, absorption can be as low as 0.5%. Alkyds are relatively low-loss materials, especially the mineral-filled and glass-filled grades. Those containing
  • Effects of Electron Radiation Generated during E-beam Evaporation on a beam Evaporation on a
    In compound semiconductor manufacturing,. metallized wafers are put through a wet strip process in Nmethyl. pyrrolidone (NMP) to dissolve the photoresist, liftoff the. unwanted metals, and to form the electrical circuit. There is a. wide selection of photoresist suitable for liftoff process
  • Clutches
    and bring them into partial or total engagement. Connecting shafts can be by direct mechanical lockup, mechanical friction, electromagnetic action, or hydraulic forces. Among the electromagnetic types, actual engagement may be mechanical, with electrical components used only for actuation. Mechanical

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  • Sensor technique
    Electrical connecting materials .
  • Vie path manual motor vehicle technology
    A power management-system represents the electrical connection between Brennstoffzellensystem and vehicle.
  • Practice knowledge Mikrosystemtechnik
    … and envelopes and for production of compounds between chip and chip carriers (level 2 Packaging) requires different processing steps like, e.g., the separating of chips, its attachment to the chip carrier and the production of electrical connections to macroscopic contact pin …
  • Manual motor vehicle electronics
    The electrical connection between fuel cell system and vehicle is produced over the Power-distribution-box (PDB) that takes the current distribution in the vehicle.