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  • Linear Actuators Help Automate Vehicles For The Disabled
    Actuators are motors that can help make a vehicle more handicapped friendly. More specifically, the type of actuators being discussed are called electrical linear actuators and they can be used to make your vehicle more accessible by bringing to life lift, transfer, and pedal devices. Actuators can
  • Safe as Houses
    People who work at vertigo-inducing heights on window-washing platforms, risers, lift platforms and fire ladders want to be assured that the surface on which they stand is maintained at a safe and steady angle. This can be accomplished with special tilt and angle sensors - when the platform exceeds
  • More Controllers, Fewer Cables
    Miniature control modules mounted directly to each positioning axis makes for fewer and shorter cables. Precision-positioning applications often employ multiaxis- stage technology. These stages move objects in two, three, or more degrees of freedom including linear, rotary, tilt, and lift. Parallel
  • Urban Aeronautics is testing its Mule, a UAV that can hover and cruise at up to 100 mph
    . Ducting protects rotors from inadvertently hitting electrical wires, trees, buildings, and other aircraft. To overcome ducted fans' limitations, Urban Aero developed adaptable-duct airflow, which places louvres over the intake duct and at the rear of the aft duct. The louvres can be independently
  • No more "girlie man " gears
    to a minimum. In automotive electrical systems, they replace hydraulic and cable assemblies in interior and exterior mechanisms. These systems rely on plastic gears to quiet and smooth lift-gate operation and give stealthy movements to tracking headlights, windows, and underhood throttle body controls

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