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  • Electrical Troubleshooting
    , usually negative is connected to ground move motor to electric shop motor test and repair station connect motor leads for 460 volt operation and wrap connections with black electrical tape check motor windings with an ohmmeter, each reading between phases should be within one or two ohms of each
  • Basics Of Design Engineering: Fluid Power
    IFPE 2000 welcomes electrical and mechanical power transmission exhibitors. Weighing the advantages of tubing versus pipe The demands placed on today's fluid systems are much tougher than they were a decade ago. Leaks that were once considered nuisances are now classified as fugitive emissions
  • Prevent Power Surges with Full Spectrum Surge Protection
    are essential components of many modern automation systems; however, they are also particularly susceptible to power surges from voltage and current spikes. In these systems, serial device servers are key communication gateways that connect the broader Ethernet network with specific serial devices
  • Software Animates And Analyzes Fluid-Power Curcuits
    Until recently, engineers designing fluid-power systems and electrical controls made schematics with high-end CAD packages, lowcapability 2D sketching software, or both. A component list in Automation Studio appears on the left and a library navigator on the right. A user is looking
  • Medical Device Link . EMI and Power Supplies in Medical Electronics
    electromagnetic interference (EMI) while maintaining the low leakage currents necessary for safe patient connection. In most electronic devices, EMI is easily controlled by integrating filters between the line power and the power supply. Y-capacitor-type filters, which connect both line and neutral
  • Computer Power User Article - Under Development
    , cost-efficient way to connect them with the microscale electronics of a standard computer. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford have finally found a way to harness the potential of carbon nanotubes in a conventional design setting: an integrated silicon circuit. "Until our work
  • Cored Solder Wire for LED Luminaire Soldering -- Part 1
    The LED industry has unique needs in terms of cored wire solder assembly. Joints soldered with cored wire are consumed in abundance for many different lighting applications. Most commonly, these spools of solder are used to connect the LED engine array board to the control and power driver board
  • Smart Computing Article - Basic Troubleshooting- Keyboards
    provides the keyboard power and relays electrical signals between the keyboard and computer. Wireless keyboards typically use battery power and a receiver that you connect to the computer for communicating, usually via RF (radio frequency) or Bluetooth technology. Inside a keyboard, a built-in
  • Smart Computing Article - Members Of The Board
    power cable connectors that can't connect the wrong way. It was easy to confuse AT's two power connectors and incorrectly hook them up to the system's motherboard. Currently, ATX motherboards support processors that have the same patterns of (electrical connections) as either Intel ( ) chips. See
  • Wiring
    Several types of wire conductors are used to connect electrical systems. Common ones include single wires, twisted pairs, coaxial cable, flexible flat cable, and bundled wires. Single or multiconductor cables are feasible when few connections are needed. However, as product complexity increases
  • Fundamentals Of Ultrasonic plastic welding
    . A generator supplies the high-frequency electrical energy to the system power module. A cable feeds the power to the converter and the piezoelectric ceramics expand and contract in response to the sinusoidal, high-frequency electrical signal. The titanium cylinder transmits this mechanical vibration
  • Reinventing the Web
    professor of electrical engineering and computer science, is leading the effort to redesign the Internet, aiming to make it more efficient, rather than just patching holes, tweaking it, or devising work-arounds. The project focuses on four areas, the first of which uses Ethane, a prototype 400-user

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