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  • Promag Electromagnetic Flow Meter Controls Pasteurizer Flow
  • CMOS Digital Isolators Provide Data Protection for Smart Meters
    installed in electromagnetically noisy locations and certain isolation techniques are potentially susceptible to exploitation. For example, there have been cases of utility customers disabling power meters by attaching strong magnets or coils to the equipment which presents false measurement data
  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter Enhances Scramjet Engine Component Testing
    An engineering research and development company, providing inventive and distinctive solutions for Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Combustion Analysis, and Pressure/Force Measurement applications, contacted Flow Technology's local representative looking for a flow measurement system for metering
  • Putting a Lid on Electromagnetic Interference - A Twisted/Shielded Tale (.pdf)
    brows on the plant floor (heat rather than stress induced) a thing of the past. The HVAC crew expected a meter reading much lower than the ambient temperature of about 90 degrees F. Instead they got one that went off the charts. The temperature meter's LED flashed 999.9.
  • Relays: Principle of Operation for Engineers
    High current switching technology. Ledex-BLP-200 In the drive towards smart metering and control for domestic power supplies, the solenoid-operated power contactor is a key enabling technology. Utility companies and equipment manufacturers are increasingly looking for added value in this type
  • PKE System Design Using the PIC16F639
    . Because of its easy-to-use features, the device can be In typical PKE applications, the base station unit is used for various smart low-frequency sensing and designed to output the maximum power that is allowed bidirectional communication applications. by electromagnetic field radiation rules
  • AN1106, Power Factor Correction in Power Conversion Applications Using the dsPIC (R) DSC
    on the electric meter at the consumer'sTwo factors that provide a quantitative measure of the location. It performs the actual work such as creatingpower quality in an electrical system are Power Factor heat, light and motion. Working power is expressed in(PF) and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). The amount
  • The 5 Best Industry Applications For Linear And Rotary Solenoids
    e-commerce markets. Other fulfillment center uses for these valves include: Stamping and metering. Parcel sorting. Automatic labeling. 5. Medical Device Production. Rotary and linear solenoids are also very important in the medical field, especially when equipment must be precise and accurate. Medical

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