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  • Modular Evaporation Individual Source
    MDC modular e-Vap® sources are state-of-the-art electron-beam evaporation sources designed for the demanding and exacting world of vacuum coatings. This unprecedented selection of electron-beam evaporation sources provides vacuum coating solutions for most applications including medical
  • Nanosized resonators show commercial promise
    of 4.5 MHz and a Q of 207,000. Besides having a high quality factor, the stressed silicon-nitride nanostrings are mechanically robust, making them practical for consumer devices. The group has used the nanostrings to detect masses as small as a single bacterium or virus. Coating the device
  • Modular Evaporation Vertical Flange Mount Assembly
    MDC has eliminated the difficulties of flange mounting electron beam sources. The effort that goes into designing and fitting a source to a vacuum coating chamber has been done for you with the introduction of standard vertical flange mounted evaporation sources.
  • Modular Evaporation Horizontal Flange Mount Assembly
    MDC has eliminated the difficulties of flange mounting electron beam sources. Problems associated with designing and fitting sources into coating systems have been solved with the introduction of standard horizontal flange mounted evaporation sources. The compact footprint of these flanged
  • MICRO: Behind the Mask
    to adversely affect the photochemistry of the resist system. One method for protecting CARs is to apply a top antireflective coating (TARC) to act as a diffusion barrier. This article presents a defect partition study of two CAR candidates for photomask fabrication. The two resists are compared
  • Society for Information Display Industry News March 2003
    equipment. Attaching it to a polymer backbone allows the material to be applied using solution processes: simple spin-coating methods already widely used for applying thin films. Beyond the implications for less costly and more flexible flat-panel displays and similar devices, the new technique
  • e-Vap 3000 System
    MDC's 3kW Electron Beam Source is a versatile and economical deposition tool used for thin film coating processes in high and ultrahigh vacuum environments. The e-Vap® 3000 system evaporates virtually all rare earth refractory and dielectric materials. It provides researchers a simple, relatively

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