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  • Adding intelligence to material handling systems
    with the "intelligence " of precise, reliable electronic controls for the lifting and placement of components and equipment. Called the Intelift air balancer, this innovative combination provides operators with a safe, ergonomically beneficial, and highly flexible solution that increases productivity and cost savings
  • Accessing Plant-Floor Intelligence
    rather than real-time reporting, he wrote. As a result, data historians, which collect process control and time-based manufacturing data, are becoming more important. They permit root cause analysis and facilitate the use of Six Sigma, and are considered a prerequisite for electronic batch
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    to harness them. Logic and memory shown on molecular scale Integrated circuits all depend on lockstep, unerring, nanoscale accuracy in their fabrication. Now Rice University researchers have challenged that wisdom by demonstrating that molecule-sized electronic devices can be used for both logic
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    Intelligence called key to anti-terror campaign The United States' war against terrorism will be as much about information gathering and intelligence as smart weapons and special operations, according to U.S. officials and a growing number of military analysts. Speakers call for innovation
  • Speed-Swimming in a Data Swamp
    Whose Database Is It Anyway? When it comes to maintaining electronic records of actual production, data-storage needs can quickly mount into the terabytes. While design-systems vendors have made a persuasive argument for developing the initial asset database, their work tends to leave off
  • Peter Cochrane
    of UK telephone and data communication. Similarly, the packing density of electronic circuits, information storage and processing power has nearly doubled every year with power consumption, raw material and cost falling exponentially. We now enjoy a communication and computing capability
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    in fabricating multi-layer integrated circuit interconnect that combines copper metal lines with a low-k porous film insulation, the company reported. Over-the-phone electronic-commerce applications should be easier to develop with a new release of the flagship software suite from SpeechWorks International
  • Small Fuel Cells for Portable Power Applications - By Dennis Sieminski - July 2002 FCT -
    Markets and Market Projections " was delivered by Atakan Ozbek of Allied Business Intelligence; "Capital Availability for Power Technology Firms " was presented by R. Douglas Moffat of SunTrust Robinson Humphrey; Robert Lifton of Medis Technologies spoke on the business issues in commercializing his

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  • Introduction to RF Stealth
    ELINT electronic intelligence systems .
  • Bookshelf and Unified Agenda > Department of Defense > Department of the Air Force > Directives > 32 - Civil Engineering > [FDBKF2005051016515506546] Afh32-108...
    Space requirements will vary according to type and size of the intelligence unit, the type and number of electronic intelligence systems employed, and the level of security required.
  • Israel: aerospace in depth
    Its main divisions include Elta Electronic Industries in Ashdod (radar, electronic intelligence systems , jamming systems, computers and artificial intelligence); MBT Division (satellite systems and ordnance products including missiles, precision-guided munitions, seeker technologies, signal processing and simulation); MLM Division (command, control, communications …
  • Raytheon Co
    … Electronic warfare systems, naval, active 1859 Electronic countermeasures (ECM) systems, naval shipborne 1860 Electronic warfare equipment, naval, active 1861 Transmitting / jamming / deception equipment, naval 1862 Jammers, shipborne ECM 1863 Transmitters, naval ECM 1865 Electronic intelligence systems , naval, passive 1869 Electronic …
  • China in Space
    Yaogan may well be a comprehensive optical, radar, and electronic intelligence system "hiding in plain view".
  • Information Engineering and Applications
    In electronic warfare,Radar emitter signal recognition is an important part of electronic intelligence systems (ELINT), electronic support measure systems (ESM), and radar warning receiver (RWR) systems [1].
  • Poland takes delivery of cut-price land-based EW system
    The PRP-25 Gunica is a transportable passive air surveillance and electronic intelligence system The Polish Air Force is due to order a second Gunica system next year .
  • Gabriel SIGINT system
    Thales has developed SIGINT electronic intelligence systems for integration onboard aircraft such as the DC-8, C-160 Transall and C-130.