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  • Electronic monitoring relays
    Electronic monitoring relays can generally be found in industrial wastewater plants and other settings that need a warning about outofbounds voltages or electrical currents. can generally be found in industrial wastewater plants and other settings that need a warning about outofbounds voltages
  • Application: RF Receivers - Reed Relay
    With the continuous worldwide threat of terrorism,. most countries need to be monitoring all electronic communication on a 24/7 basis. Most of this is done with electronic receivers scanning all the RF ranges where potential communication may take place. RF switches are needed to switch from
  • Application: Airplane TVS - Reed Relay
    When test equipment is used to test discrete. power semiconductors, the testers often require the application of high currents to properly test the semiconductor devices, such as, Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) that prevent ESD and lightning damage to sensitive electronic equipment. To perform
  • Application: IC Testing - Reed Relay
    Humanity has changed dramatically as they carry out our daily endeavors, by the invention of the integrated circuit nearly 50 years ago. Whether we are checking the time on our wrist watch, making a phone call, watching children play with their electronic toys, or at work/home on our computer, etc
  • Application: Surgical Operating Rooms Eliminate Instruments Left Behind - Reed Relay
    are used to soak up blood pools to facilitate the surgery. These blood saturated sponges placed between tissue can be left behind after the operation is complete. Of course, many times this gives rise to post surgical complications and sometimes death. Medical electronic designers have come up
  • Application Note: Switching Solutions Requiring Little or No Power to Operate Using Reed Sensor/Relay Technology (.pdf)
    Power consumption in today's electronic market is a concern with the dramatic increase in the use of portable electronic gadgetry. Power hungry components are rapidly being designed out in favor of power efficient products. Normally closed (Form B) Reed Sensors and Reed Relays draw zero power
  • Peter Cochrane
    IN all communication systems the repeater or relay station has a vital role. The relay function is essentially simple. In the past, people relayed or passed messages by word of mouth, patterns of flags, beacons, or Morse code. Today we have electronic amplifiers that boost weak signals and blindly
  • Application: High End Multimeters Use Reed Relays
    Electronics and electronic systems, the need exists to be able to make voltage and current measurements covering several orders of magnitude, from nano-volts to kilovolts and from fempto-amps to amps. A reed relay is placed on the front end of these multimeters allowing the broad spectrum
  • Electromechanical Relays and Contactors
    and close electrical contacts to operate other devices. They are often used because they cost less than corresponding electronic switches. But some relay qualities are superior to solid-state devices. For example, input and output circuits in relays are electrically isolated unlike those of most

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