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    Inventory Control Software - (130 companies)
    Inventory control software is used to manage stock levels, record physical inventories, and track trends in item movement and location. Inventory control involves supervising the supply, storage, and accessibility of stock items, both to ensure...
  • Electronic Cooling Fans-Image
    Electronic Cooling Fans - (510 companies)
    Electronic cooling fans move air to cool electronic devices. Description. Electronic cooling fans move air to cool electronic devices such as computers and appliances. They are also used in telecommunications, military, and general industrial...
  • Electronic Bridges-Image
    Electronic Bridges - (40 companies)
    Electronic bridges are used to cross from one circuit, channel, board or element over to another. Electronic bridges are used to cross from one circuit, channel, board, or element over to another. An electronic bridge is used to measure various...
  • Electronic and Instrument Enclosures-Image
    Electronic and Instrument Enclosures - (794 companies)
    How to Select Electronic and Instrument Enclosures. Electronic and instrument enclosures are structures that house electronic components and instruments. They are usually designed for handheld or desktop applications. Example applications include...
    Electronic Transformers - (24 companies)
    Electronic transformers are designed especially for low-power applications. They are used in computers, radio frequency (RF) devices, and lighting. Electronic transformers are used to insulate circuits and to provide high to alternating-but-low...
    Industrial Electronic Repair Services - (453 companies)
    Industrial electronic repair services fix, repair, overhaul, refurbish, and warranty industrial electronic equipment such as power supplies, motor drives, controllers, meters, and oscilloscopes. Industrial electronic repair services repair, overhaul...
    Electronic and Semiconductor Gases - (43 companies)
    Electronic and semiconductor gases are specialized for microelectronic manufacturing or semiconductor processing applications such as thin film deposition (CVD, PVD), etching, RTP, packaging or soldering. Image credit: PHX Welding. Electronic...
    Electronic Loads and Load Banks - (99 companies)
    Electronic loads and load banks are used to test electrical and electronic equipment. They mimic load requirements for testing and troubleshooting purposes. Types. There are four basic types of electronic loads: benchtop, slot, modular, and system...
    Electronic Control Units (ECU) - (9 companies)
    Electronic Control Units (ECU) is a device that regulates the operation of a vehicles automated electrical systems. Electronic control units (ECUs) are devices that regulate the operation of a vehicle's automated electrical system. They are also...
    Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) - (1398 companies)
    Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) are provided by companies that design, assemble, produce, and test electronic components and PCB assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) are provided...

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  • Progress in immunization information systems - United States, 2010.
    These tools include clinical decision support, vaccination coverage reports, interoperability with electronic health record systems , vaccine inventory management, and the ability to generate reminder and recall messages.
  • Exploring the feasibility of integrating barcode scanning technology into vaccine inventory recording in seasonal influenza vaccination clinics.
    During the 2010-2011 seasonal influenza vaccination campaign, Ontario public health units (PHUs) using an electronic immunization system were randomized to record clinic inventory data (including vaccine lot number and expiry date) through: (i) barcode scanning of vials; or (ii) drop-down…
  • Progress in immunization information systems - United States, 2012.
    Several new and ongoing initiatives, including interoperability between IIS and electronic health records (i.e., ensuring systems can work together and exchange information), the use of IIS to support vaccine ordering and inventory management, the use of two-dimensional barcodes to record…
  • Abstracts from the 35th Annual Meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine
    Functions needed for the practice to adopt a barcoding system included: 1) recording dose information in an electronic medical record (86%), 2) identifying patients who had received a recalled lot of vaccine (89%) 3) maintaining vaccine inventory records (71%), 4) recording that…
  • Management of vaccine inventories as a critical health resource
    The effi- ciency and value of the use of electronic data collection are evident in the rapid setup of data collection … based PODs and in the distribution of critical resources such as vaccines and other pharmaceutical product inventories among the PODs. .... Past experience has also pointed to a need for a continual improve- ment in electronic system capabilities.
  • Linking technologists and humanitarians
    Vaccination Records and Patient Tracking Vaccination Records and Vaccine Tracking Inventory Management of Perishable Pharmaceuticals Verifiable “Cold-Chain” for Heat-intolerant Supplies Global View of Resource Demand and Supply Improved Night-Time Lighting Equipment Power Usage Reduction Portable Clinical Diagnostic Machines. .... Secure, Virus Free Operating Systems Easily Repairable PCs Early Warning System Affordable Interactive Video Conferencing Interoperability of Tools and Systems and … of Clinical Supplies Clean Water Hospital Readiness Assessment and Tracking Language Translation Capability Power availability for electronic devices Exchange data between…
  • States > New York > State > Register > 2008 > [2008 NY Register 1231] 12/31/2008
    However, health care providers also receive significant benefits from use of the system, including the ability to print immunization histories for patients on demand, print reminder and recall notices and use the system to help with vaccine inventory . .... 66-1.2 (e) Methods of accessing NYSIIS data will be primarily electronic .
  • States > New York > State > Register > 2008 > [2008 NY Register 827] 08/27/2008
    However, health care providers also receive signiŽcant beneŽts from use of the system, including the ability to print immuniza- tion histories for patients on demand, print reminder and recall notices and use the system to help with vaccine inventory . .... 66-1.2 (e) Methods of accessing NYSIIS data will be primarily electronic .
    …five to thirty million doses, accounting for one-third of the nation’s flu vaccine , were administered by .... Pharmacies have electronic inventory systems and can receive and manage SNS inventory, a secure location to store drugs, medical staff to meet federal and state dispensing requirements and non-medical staff that can serve essential functions during the dispensing process.
  • Federal Register > Tuesday, October 12, 2010 > [75 FR 62554] Statement of Organization, Functions, and Delegations of Authority
    …senior field staff; (19) provides coordination and oversight for division responses and relations with the media and public and serves as point of contact for telephonic, written, and electronic (e-mail) requests for … education resources; (22) maintains inventory of TB training opportunities … in its entirety the title and function statement for the Clinical and Health Systems Research Branch (CVJEE … external partners; (4) collaborates with private and public institutions in the area of vaccine development; (5) provides…