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  • Electrostatic Discharge
    Static electricity is defined as an electrical charge caused by an imbalance of electrons on the surface of a. material. This electrical charge may be transferred from one material to another by way of an electrostatic. discharge (ESD). Static electricity has various sources. Walking across carpets
  • HLC (R) Connector Studies -Electric Field Testing
    This set of tests was inspired by the desire to improve connector cleaning processes in a measureable way. The testing methodology was inspired by the 3M handheld electrostatic field meter, which was designed to measure the charge value (volts, V) of the electric field on a given object
  • Medical Device Link . Blocking ESD at the Enclosure Electrostatic discharge can be prevented by designing the enclosure to withstand necessary voltage and by closing potentially harmful gaps.
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Electrostatic discharge is one of the most troublesome electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems in modern electronics. Nowhere is this more true than with portable electronics, an area in which medical electronics is proliferating. ESD upsets can be caused
  • Electromagnetic Field Theory Fundamentals, Second Edition
    Electromagnetic Field Theory Fundamentals, Second Edition. With lots of worked examples, problems and summaries and a comprehensive solutions set, this book introduces the basic concepts of electrostatic and magnetostatic fields, covers equations, propagation, transmission and radiation.
  • Breakdown analysis of a power transformer terminal lead
    For dielectric breakdown analysis, a common procedure is applied which is based on obtaining the field data from FE electrostatic field analyses. This article uses the simulation of a shielding ring and terminal lead of a typical power engineering transformer as an example.
  • On-Load Tap Changer
    in their environment in a transformer. The effect of the transformer and the tap-leads on the dielectric field strength may be investigated with the application of the CST EM STUDIO (R) (CST EMS) electrostatic field solver.
  • Capacitive sensors
    electrostatic field. A nonmetallic target entering the field increases the dielectric constant between the plates, raising the amplitude of the oscillations. The higher amplitude triggers a level detection circuit to turn the output of the sensor on. It turns off again when the target leaves
  • Medical Device Link .
    side, filtration and wound-care products are especially promising, according to the firm. "Traditional systems use a nozzle-shaped spinning head to produce nanofibres, " explains marketing and sales manager Petr Kuzel. An electrostatic field competes with the polymer solution 's surface tension

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  • Bases of electrical engineering and electronics 2
    Guides the electrostatic field dependent on static charges with relevant field quantities and phenomena in the global view for voltage and charge and the capacitor as characteristic network element.
  • Electrical engineering for engineers 1
    … the currently conventional and the swelling voltage and the EMF in chapter 1 gives it the often only small differences but that are to understand easily to not more usual representation how for example or the electrostatic field strength and the induced …
  • The Classical Theory of Fields
    Integral Electrostatic Field Equations..............................
  • 3D QSAR in Drug Design
    For lattice-based methods, there is now evidence that hydrophobic fields do not generally increase the statistical quality of the model, that steric fields can profitably be replaced with somewhat softer functions and that electrostatic fields based on semiempirical elec- trostatic potentials …
  • Electrical and magnetic fields
    Every chapter catches on with the representation of experimental observation findings: assuming by the force effects between static electric charges, the electrostatic field is introduced; generate the movable charges in conductors the stationary electric field; the force between stromdurchflossenen conductors leads the …
  • Electrodynamics
    2.1 electrostatic field of a point charge.
  • Engineering Electromagnetics
    The electrostatic field is useful in a variety of applications including printing, copying, pollution control in power plants, painting, production of sand paper, and many others that we will discuss in Chapters 3–6.
  • Molecular Environmental Soil Science
    In addition, new mechanisms to account for the interaction between heavy metals and variable charge surfaces, and ion diffusion/adsorption as affected by microbes, biomolecules, and the electrostatic field from surface charges are presented.