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  • Medical Device Link .
    designs as well as with hook-on, stick-on, clip-on, and track mounting. 45 Aldrin Rd., Plymouth, MA 02360. An EMI/RFI shielding gasket features two symmetrical contact bulbs. One bulb has a highly conductive coextruded outer layer for EMI/RFI shielding, and the other bulb acts as a dedicated environmental
  • Designing inside the box
    welds, and loose hardware. Eliminating tab cutouts improves EMI/RFI shielding and keeps out dirt and dust. Mating screws can be inserted from each end of the fastener to mount a pair of PC boards. Open-top types support one edge of a PC board and help build mini enclosures in box corners. Enclosures

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  • EMI Filters and RFI Filters
    How to Select Board Mount EMI Filters and RFI Filters .
  • Geothermal Mill Redevelopment Project in Massachusetts
    DC buss capacitors shall be high performance and printed circuit board mounted . To minimize radiated RFI and EMI cable or buss bar connected capacitors are not allowed.
  • Opto-electronic backplane technology for cost effective bandwidth management
    First, using surface mount connectors coupled to laminated opticalcircuits allows a fully integrated approach to board assembly -no additional components need be plugged in after preliminary assembly. Second, no through holes are required in the backplane, wbicb maximizes the useful circuit board routing space for every layer on the board. lllira eliminating board penetrations eliminates openings that could become sources for EMI I RFI emissions.
    • Designed for EMI / RFI shielding applications - using conductive plastic (a compound of plastic and stainless steel fibers). • Electronic instrument enclosures, ideally suited for mounting printed circuit boards .
  • Actively damped passenger car suspension system with low-voltage electrorheological magnetic fluid
    The ECU in the prototype vehicle was mounted in the trunk on compliant mounts . Precautions for RFI I EMI interference were taken which included a "sealed" card cage housing the ECU boards .
  • Book Reviews
    Two chapters on board layout includes practical information on component positioning, copper patterns for good component life, mounting con- siderations and many other practical tips. It was however, missing EMI / RFI layout considerations, ex- cept for general power supply lead layout.
    Keep traces short and, when possible, use a printed circuit board (PCB) ground plane with surface- mount components placed as close to the device pins as possible. Small ceramic capacitors placed directly across amplifier inputs can reduce RFI and EMI sensitivity.
  • Surface mount RFI clips from Harwin
    High-reliability interconnect company Harwin has introduced a new range of surface mount EMI / RFI shield clips which reduce assembly time and simplify rework by eliminating secondary soldering operations. … Harwin UK Product Manager: “Traditional shielding cans are usually hand-soldered to the board as a secondary …
  • Helicopter Structural Life Modeling: Flight Regime and Gross Weight Estimation
    Changes in neural net parameters can easily be pushed back to the On- board MSPU system from … Typical Installed Weight – 16 lbs including sensor harness Environmental Qualification: DO160, MIL-STD-810F EMI / RFI : MIL-STD-461E, ADS-37 200Volt/m Software Qualification: DO … … W Dimensions: 3” x 5” x 9” w.o. mounting ears Acquisition System Weight …