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  • The Use of Optically Activated Pigmented Epoxy Systems in Water Storage Tanks (.pdf)
    Optically Activated Pigmented (OAP) coating systems have become a requirement in marine ballast tank applications due to their ability to assure correct application of epoxy linings. In steel and concrete water storage tanks the use of this same technology can aid in eliminating holidays
  • Study of RF Flip-Chip Assembly with Underfill Epoxy (.pdf)
    Flip-chip assembly technology is becoming more and more important to radio frequency (RF) MCM with the following advantages: automated assembly, compact size, low cost, low cross talk, and low insertion loss. However, flip-chip assembly also demands carful evaluation of solder joint reliability.
  • Adhesives for Fiber Optic Assembly
    Adhesive technology has been used in fiber optics assembly since its inception, bonding optical connectors, fibers, lenses, prisms, and other components. Initially, only epoxy technology was used, primarily in the connector market. Today, adhesives are highly engineered products available
  • Medical Device Link . Implants and Disposables Drive the Search for Stronger Glues Biochemists are teaming up with marine biologists to examine an unlikely source of superadhesive technology.
    the flavor dramatically." High-tech improvements are possible as well. Researchers at Tennessee's Oak Ridge Center for Composites Manufacturing Technology (CCMT) have devised a way to inexpensively alter epoxy resins so they can be cured very rapidly using an electron beam. "Historically, there have
  • Epoxies for OptoElectronic Packaging: Applications and Material Properties (.pdf)
    Epoxies are used in the packaging and assembly of three opto-electronic devices, including Fiber Optics, LEDs, and LCDss. In fiber optics, you need epoxy for the cable and for the opto-packaging. The fiber optic components are usually packaged in hybrid technology, which mean several
  • Protection of Concrete Floors in the Food and Beverage Industry (.pdf)
    While cementitious urethane technology for flooring applications has been around for quite some time now, the characteristics of these systems are not widely known by key decision makers within the food and beverage processing industry outside Europe. This presentation is intended to provide
  • Laser Marking Of Integrated Circuits
    Integrated Circuits (ICs) represent a significant output of the semiconductor and electronics industries. The active electronic parts are encapsulated in an epoxy/resin based packages. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes from a few mm2 to larger chips that can be in excess of 20mm x 20mm
  • Medical Device Link .
    A primary technology trend in adhesives for medical electronics is the evolution of multifunctional adhesives that perform more than one task. For example, as medical device parts get smaller, adhesives must provide adhesion and durability on ever shrinking surfaces areas. They must also be able

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