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  • Case Study from Industry:Process Modeling in Resin Transfer Molding as a Method to Enhance Product Quality
    formed during liquid impregnation of nonwoven multifilament glass networks using an optical visualization technique, Polymer Engrg. [23] G. Q. MARTIN AND J. S. SON, Fluid mechanics of mold filling in resin transfer molding, in Proc. 2nd AMS/ ESD Conference on Advanced Composites, Dearborn, MI, 1986, pp. 49–57.
  • Processable ESD control materials filled with tunable intrinsically conductive polymer nanocomposites
    These thermally stable and versatile additives consist of carbon black particles impregnated with a variety of inherently conductive polymers . … control performance has been produced when conductive additives were carefully tailored to each particular resin and application. The key feature of produced ESD materials is their predictable and homogeneous level of the electrical conductivity.
  • Resin Impregnation During the Manufacture of Thermoplastic Matrix Composite Materials
    [34] Adams, K. L., Miller, B., and Rebenfeld, L., "Forced In-Plane Flow of an Epoxy Resin in Fibrous Networks," Polymer Engineering and Science, Vol. 26, No. 20, 1986, pp. 1434-1441. vanced Composites: The Latest Developments, Proceedings of the ASM/ ESD Second Conference on Advanced Composites, Dearborn, MI … [36] Coulter, J. P. and Gticeri, S. I., "Resin Impregnation During the Manufacturing of Composite Mate- rials …
  • Key Engineering Materials III
    … nanotubes [21-23], into the polymeric matrix of conventional fiber- reinforced composites by impregnating dry fiber preform … The electrical conductivity of polymers can be adjusted with various CNTs contents. The CNT/polymer can be used as antistatic material (109 Ω/square), electrostatic discharge ( ESD ) material (106 Ω/square) or … … of polymer matrix, most papers dealt with relatively brittle and rigid matrix, such as cured epoxy resin .
  • Operator splitting scheme for 3-D temperature solution based on 2-D flow approximation
    … 1988: Evolution of RTM with vinyl-esterresins, Proceedings of the Fourth Annual ASM/ ESD Conference on Advanced … Polymer Composites. 11:398 Coulter, J. P.; Guceri, S. I. 1988: Resin impregnation during the manufacturing of composite material subject to prescribed injection rate.
  • Organization of carbon black in laminates of cellulose and melamine‐formaldehyde
    … materials in order to make them more multifunc- tional, for instance electrostatically dissipative ( ESD ), elec- tromagnetically shielding … Lami- nates considered in this work are manufactured from thin sheets of cellulose fibers pre- impregnated with MF resin commonly referred to as overlay papers or simply overlays. … the inherent electrical properties of the filler, the electrical properties of a filled polymer depend on the …
  • Experimental characterization of permeability and fibre wetting for liquid moulding
    Thus, the contri- bution of capillary pressures to the overall driving force during the resin infusion/ impregnation portion of the LM process is still unclear. … J. MORRIS and D. A. BABBINGTON, in Proceedings of the Third Annual ASIvl/ ESD Advanced Composites Confer … 6. s. wu, " Polymer interface and adhesion" (Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, 1982).
  • Evaluation of a proposed test method to measure surface and volume resistance of static dissipative packaging materials
    These polymers are impregnated with highly conductive carbon blacks that can provide conductivity in the entire range. … these materials to provide a uniform concentration of carbon black over the entire ESD range is difficult … Most materials are classified using resistivity values in engineering data sheets provided by resin manufacturers.
  • Organoclay Effect on Transverse Tensile Strength and In-Plane Shear Strength of Unidirectional Glass/Epoxy Nanocomposites
    • Surface Defects Repairing by Polymer Coating with Low Fraction of Nano-Reinforcements p.757 • A Study on the ESD Attenuation and EMSE of PU/CB Conductive Polyurethane Films p.781 … organoclay effect, three different loadings of organoclay were dispersed respectively in the epoxy resin using a mechanical … The corresponding glass/epoxy nanocomposites were produced by impregnating dry glass fiber with organoclay epoxy compound via a …
  • Evaluation of Hand Lay-Up and Resin Transfer Molding in Composite Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing
    … 1~~ Annual Advanced Composites Conference, Dearborn, MI, USA, 7-10 November, 1994, ASM/ ESD , Materials Park, OH … Young, W-B. and Lai, C-L., “Analysis of Edge Effects in Resin Transfer Molding,” Composites … … L., Khomarni, B. and Kardos, J.L., “Accurate Permeability Characterization of Preforms in Polymer Matrix Composite Fabrication … Chan, A.W. and Morgan, R.J., ‘Tow Impregnation During Resin Transfer Molding of Bidirectional Nonwoven Fabrics …