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  • Risk Assessment of Chemicals
    … industry Personal/domestic Public domain Leather processing industry Metal extraction, refining and processing industry 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Mineral oil and fuel industry Photographic industry Polymers industry Pulp, paper and … … industry Paints, lacquers and varnishes industry Engineering industries; civil … 53 54 55 Impregnation agents Insulating materials Intermediates (monomers; pre-polymers) Laboratory chemicals Lubricants and additives Odour … An ESD is defined as a set of conditions for sources, pathways, production processes and use patterns …
  • A study of ESD corrugated [protective packaging]
    … is accomplished via dissipative ink printed onto the surface, with or without a dissipative varnish (Illustration 3). Generally, a polymer coating is added. ESD LAYERED DISSIPATIVE CORRUGATED w i n A BURIED SHIELDED CARBON LAVER … below 12%to 15% relative humidity for Kraft paper]; thus, the material’s resistance tends toward the insulative range.
  • Powder metallurgy
    … reduction of fairy-CO formate for such with large mold anisotropy of particles ( ESD magnets) elongated rested … The hartmagnetische powder is extended a binder therefore ( polymer , low-melting metal) and pressed to moldings. … are its structure after composite materials of ferro- or ferrimagnetic powder particles and a electrically insulating binders. … powder particles are provided first with a thin completely surrounding insulating layer (silicone varnish coating, oxide skin …
  • Industrial Coatings
    The lifespan of varnish can be extended by first staining the surface before applying many coats of varnish . Glass or porcelain coatings have glass-like properties, such as high heat and electrical insulation . • Rubber bases and polymer binders are translucent or transparent and solid or semi-solid. • Anti-static / ESD control - coatings used to minimize static electricity in sensitive environments.
  • Chemical Tradename Dictionary
    … ester resins; for aircraft industry mold- ings, in elec. industry for switchgear, generattx insulation , in chemical indus … [Chem-Trend) Auoro- polymer /organic binder disp.; dry-film release agent and lubricant for mold- ings, casting … [Compounding Tech.] Rein- forced thermoplastics; for ESD applies. [Neville] Comnarone-indene resin; for adhesives, aluminum paints, varnishes , rotogravure inks, and rubber .
  • Sensor technique
    … ECM), 348 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) 412, 411 failing models, 412 classes of the ESD sensitivity, electret microphone … … analysis, Flip-chip-bon thing, 205 impeller counters, 802 fluoride-electrode 1367, 1142 fluoropolymer , liquid analysis, 1134 … … Laplace'sche basis, 28 basic principles, 26 insulators for the hybrid integration 22, 137 insulating material, 129, 130 … … photogrammetry, 690, 692 photo ionization detector 256 hochaufbauender 1118 photo cathode 251, 112 photoresist , photo avalanche diode …